Thursday, October 20, 2005

Birthday Wishes and Ninja Turtle Dreams

Hard to believe that my P man is the big 0-5 today! That's all he's been obsessed with the last few weeks is his bday. We had it marked on the calendar (he's also obsessed with the calendar in general). He was of course up bright and early and we went downstairs to open his presents... a big red bike and a helmet. Red is his favorite color so he was thrilled. He drove around a bit in the family room and said, "Where are my other presents?" I had made him a generic cake for tonight to blow the candles on and is said, "Where is my turtle cake?" Both times he wasn't snotty or anything, he was still thrilled, but we had to explain that his big party is on Sunday. He got to wear a big bday crown today and he even wore it to bed. When I came home tonight he said, "I'll wear my crown everyday that way it is always my birthday." We had choir tonight so we had a rushed cake eating tonight. Tomorrow Ronald McDonald is coming to school to do a presentation on something kid like (which I guess includes no reference to the grease they serve). Yesterday was the pumpkin patch field trip. Most of those kids don't shut up, I'm assuming Miss J drinks when she gets home! Steve even found a nice big one for our house. I stayed for a bit after we got back to school , saw all of their opening stuff, saw P count the cold lunch etc. They carved them that afternoon and when we got home Parker saw our pumpkin and said we need to carve it too. I said we'd do it Saturday, but he said Tuesday was when you carve pumpkins. He took a butter knife and I really didn't think it would go in so I was going to let him "try". Well it did. P's eyes got really big and he said, "Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to. I'm putting the knife back." It's just a tiny cut and I wasn't mad, but I think he was worried he'd be in trouble. Tuesday and Weds were both smiley days, but Monday no smiley, just words as Parker calls them, so of course he was upset. I guess he wasn't following directions, but then it said in the afternoon he was much better. He gets so upset when he doesn't get a smiley, so he's learning consequence to his actions. Sunday we had the usual Sunday School and church and then the neighbors were having a hobo dinner at 5 for a church thing. The kids really like their kids (preteens) and their pets. Parker couldn't wait for the clock to be 5 zero zero so he could go. We went on a hayride and the kids had fun playing with the others. Saturday was soccer and then the Pheasants Forever Banquet Saturday night. P and E went to Lauri's so Katy could watch them. (I think Lauri really just wanted some P time!) We have a busy couple of weeks coming up. Tomorrow night E has class so I think I may run and get the food stuff for Sunday. She is still very upset she can't go to school, so she'll be giddy she has class. We're getting pics taken at WM on Saturday morning (crossing fingers that goes well) and our neighbors are having a Halloween party for families that night. Then Sunday is of course the BIG PARTY! Next Friday is P's school party, then next Saturday is Costume Party on the square late morning, then P has a bday party to go to in the afternoon and then in the evening we all are going to another Halloween Party in DM. Somewhere in there too we are doing Night Eyes at the Zoo and Halloween at Living History Farms and maybe trick or treating on the 30th in town. Glad we are getting some use out of their costumes! Of course all of this is noted on P's calendar. Sorry not much about E on here (but my fingers are getting tired), she's the usual smart and sassy! Still no more pooping in the yard! She loves Sunday School, but half the time acts shy and says she doesn't want to go, stinker.

Over and out!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Long Time No Blog

I know, I know, no P and E info for a long time. But as with everything I do, I go gangbusters and then burn out for awhile. (Have you seen the dusty treadmill, but in my defense that was Steve's idea)

Preschool has made Parker a different boy. He talks all the time, he's coloring, trying to write, ok now I wish he was quiet like he used to be! His bday is on Wednesday and he is obsessed with the calendar and marking down the days. We also have written all of the other doings this month on there. We have a number of Halloween parties and of course a bday party this month. Tuesday Parker is going to a pumpkin patch for a field trip and I volunteered to chaperone. I am the only parent of the 14 kids to volunteer (how sad is that), so I am making Steve be the second parent if no one else volunteers, otherwise they can't go. His Halloween party (excuse me it's actually a fall party since they can't wear costumes because Halloween is evil) is on the 28th and I'm the lead parent in charge of that. This week I have started going to work at 8:15, so I can drop him off at class and not have to pay for morning day care. Plus I can get more updates on Parker from Miss J. This was his first week of 5 smilies, he was very proud of himself. He's also still obsessed with the Monsters Inc game and wakes up bright and early to play for a few minutes before he leaves in the morning. He always comes in to ask if he can get up and play computers and most days it's around 5:30-6 so it's ok. Some days he's a bit off though. Last weekend when Steve was gone he came in around 4 and I said it's not time go back to bed. Then 5 minutes later, he'd check again and again... Finally he fell asleep. Little does he know he could go right downstairs and play and we wouldn't know. We put out an alarm clock for him and told him he can't get up till the first # is a 6. The first morning, it was 5:36, he said it didn't have to be the first number. We explained that it had to be the first one and this morning he walked in at precisely 6:00 and explained it's six zero zero, I can get up!

Emma is still the same, loud! She is potty trained, although every once in awhile when she's outside I swear she just wets her pants on purpose. No poop in the undies anymore either. Although last weekend I kept catching her outside pooping... I guess just like Bosco does. She was very upset the other day when I took P to preschool when I had the day off and she couldn't stay. She said, "But Mom, I am a big girl now." I have promised her that she can go next year, so looks like she'll be going to Kindergarten early when she's almost 5. I just can't imagine 3 years until Kindergarten otherwise. A lady at the store thought she was almost 5 the other day. She is having fun at Sunday School. She knows most of the songs already and if the mood strikes her she really belts them out. P is having fun too, even coloring and doing the crafts. I volunteered to play for the kids Christmas program (once again no other parents volunteered), so I'll add that to my to do list.

Tomorrow is our last soccer already. Steve was in KC last weekend, so after soccer P, E and I raced to the zoo for Saturday Safari and they learned about bats. They really thought it was cool. P did the craft (wow again) and E had a blast using the glitter glue. Of course after class E wanted to stay at the zoo forever and P wants to go home.

Great news this week, Steph and family are moving to Des Moines. The cousins will be able to play together more and all 3 sis's can swap babysitting services. Not sure when and where their moving to exactly yet, but that's in the works.

They did tons of cute stuff, but of course since I didn't write it down, can't remember it, sorry!