Thursday, March 30, 2006

Here's Jenny!!!!!!!

No he** has not frozen over. Sorry but not catching anyone up on the last 5 months of happenings, so I'll just give a brief update of the last week or two. Parker is doing awesome at preschool socially and educationally (tested him and he was reading at about the 2nd grade level..sorry but gotta brag). He is also still obsessed with Nintendo. Emma is doing great too. She talks non stop and is still into Thomas, Care Bears and My Little Ponies. She is teaching Parker to rhyme since that was the one thing he couldn't figure out on his reading tests. It was so funny the other day. We were doing some rhyming at supper and Emma kept answering the questions correctly. I wasn't for sure if it was a fluke so I said potty and she said karate (sorry but gotta brag).

We're heading to Exira for some hanging out with the Johnsons (aka drinking wine and playing cribbage) and the kids are staying at G and G B's on Saturday. That is all that Parker can talk about he's so excited. He also still talks about how much fun he had at G and G H's a couple weekends ago - although he does mention Mingo's "attack" quite a bit.

Storms in our area tonight. I stayed a little later than usual at work to finish some stuff up and when I left it was raining so hard I couldn't see to drive. I heard a couple hail tings, hopefully no dents, scared to look! SW 9th was pretty flooded, but the Freestar prevailed!

I'll close when some Emma"isms" from this week.
Horseshoe = Cowboy Shoe
Pause a show on TV = Mom, glitter the TV for me
Throw Up = Spit
Elevator at Mommy's Work = Alligator (we used it yesterday when Steve forgot to pick her up early and I had to meet Lauri downtown to get her). She "helped" Mommy work for an hour. It was food day so she ate cookies and candy and thought it was the coolest place. She said the parking garage was amazing.

I'll post some pics tomorrow of the kids. She wore her purple princess outfit today (all day) at Lauri's and of course she didn't wear princess slippers with it, she wore her Thomas shoes. I'll dig up a cute one of Parker too!