Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Hansens Top 10 Vegas Happenings

10. See the Bellagio fountain and the Eifel Tower from your hotel room.
9. Carrot Top - very funny!
8. Seafood Buffets...twice!
7. We fought the slot machines and the machines won!
6. 50 and 60 degree weather. A heat wave!
5. Judi made a new friend on the bus. (Ask her about it)
4. The limo ride from the airport - surprise Judi!
3. 36 oz margaritas and $1 jello shots from Fat Tuesday
2. Mostly naked Australian men and sitting right in front to see it.
and the #1 thing to do in Vegas is....

Go to Dick's restaurant at Excalibur, wear a hat that says "My legs are like a Super Walmart, open 24 hours" and then proceed to get a lap dance from a chubby man who puts a teal G string in your face. Happy Birthday Judi!

P.S. Pics on #1 will be posted tomorrow...ha ha ha!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stupid Pet Tricks

One day last week (of course it was a very cold day...but when isn't it lately?) I pull into the driveway with Parker and notice there is some packaging laying on the snow/ice in the drive way. I notice the Paper Crafts logo in the corner. I jump out and glance around to see if anything at all survived the pooch. I find the latest issue in a snow bank with the cover and the 1st 8 pages eaten...apparently then he got bored? They send you a copy if you have an item in the magazine. I already subscribe so Steph and Roni will get the "dog eared" copy :-) I didn't see the card anywhere so if they sent it with, it perished and the dog will be pooping buttons for a week. He of course comes over to us like nothing is wrong and waiting for his usual dog biscuit. He got cussed (not that it will help) and did not get a treat. I went to the front door and the UPS man had even tied it up tight in a very strong plastic bag and had then tied it tight to the door handle. I then notice the front door is open a few inches. Bosco must have worked and worked on that bag to rip into it and in the process opened the door. That is not the first time the dog has eaten a package. I got my Giftmaker magazine in time and he had only gotten into the wrapper. Steve has been promising to build a shelf or box for the package people for a year. I'm going to have to gently remind him! I go in the house and of course the furnace is running full blast and the temp says 53. The house was freezing and didn't warm up forever. I wanted to trace the package to see approximately how long the house might have been open, but of course the dog had eaten the tracing number.

Sigh....if he wasn't so cute he would be forgiven each time!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Warm Fuzzies

I hear it's in the 70's in Sin City today... today it was NOT that here! Freezing and snow drifting on the roads everywhere. I take a main county road to work everyday and it was the worst I have driven on the entire winter. You couldn't see the lines, everything was covered in snow, slick, spots, ruts everywhere. My neck will be out of whack for Vegas at this rate! School is 2 hours late again tomorrow.

Just had that my hometown girl's basketball team made it to state. Their first game is Monday at about the same time we fly back home, so timing is just too tight. They'll just need to keep winning and I can go later in the week!

That about it. I'm exhausted so I'm off to bed. I'll deal with the laundry tomorrow!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pinewood and Yellow Belt Pictures

Parker's Big Adventure

It has been quite the week for Parker. We've been pretty busy, so hence the lack of postings! He is very into his TKD and could not wait to get going on his color belt classes. He can be a very intense kid about things (you will see this again later on my post). Wednesday night he went to class and while that was going on they were doing a dry-run for the Pinewood Derby where you could come test your cars. They have been working on his car and P did all the painting. Of course Steve used the tools, but he explained everything along the way. Steve said his car did ok and kind of finished in the middle. Parker can get very competitive (he may have gotten that from me?) and so we've been trying to explain to him that there are a lot of cars and if you don't win, you tell the others good race.

On Thursday he "officially" got his yellow belt. There is a big ceremony about removing the white belt and receiving your new belt. He was pretty proud (I think you can tell from the pictures). Also had his Parent-Teacher Conference. Not meaning to brag, but his teacher went on and on about how great Parker is - learning, being nice to others, being helpful, etc. It makes me proud to hear stuff like that. I have been really happy with his teacher this year. Their school is out for 3 weeks in March and for 2 of those weeks he'll be at intersession and she's going to be his teacher then too.

Friday night I went Vegas clothes and shoe shopping. They will also all become my work clothing (I didn't get anything I can't fit into any of that!). At first I was a little discouraged, but after Gordman's, Shoe Carnival and Penny's I'm pretty much set. Might try to find a couple of walking around daytime shirts. Not sure when I'm fitting anymore shopping in though. Steve is out of town for a couple days and million kids things going on before we leave. (6 MORE DAYS!!!!!) Plus I need a hair cut!

Today was the Pinewood Derby. For anyone not familiar when you're in Cub Scouts you make a car to race down a metal track. There are certain rules on weight, products you use etc. They gave out 1st,2nd,3rd medals for each den (generally each grade level thru 5th). They also then take the top 10 times of all the races (it was double elimination) and then they race and the top 3 get trophies. When Parker saw the medals and trophies he was pumped. We kept reminding him that he may not get one and not to be disappointed because he tried his best. There were 5 racing in his den so we were secretly hoping he'd get some kind of medal (didn't matter what place) just because he'd be so excited. Well...... He ended up getting first place and kept breaking their fastest record. Long story short he got into the top ten (and had the fastest overall time). I was a nervous wreck! Plus I was worried he'd break into tears if he got beat. He's not a fit throwing kind of kid, he would have been upset in private. Well.... didn't have to worry about that, he came in 1st! We couldn't believe it. The only race that was really close was the last one for 1st place. I guess I should give Steve more credit! But he acted like he didn't think the car would do very well, but I guess he went home and tweaked some after the Wednesday practice. The other top finishers were in 4th and 5th grade I think. We now aren't sure how next year will go since you know we won't place at all! Then we made the mistake of letting the adult racers (they had their own race) race against him. They can do a lot more modification and add extra weight to their cars. They were so amazed by his time that they wanted to race the adult winner against him for fun. The adult won by about 1 thousandths of a second. I could tell Parker was upset, but once he got it thru his head that they could do different stuff to their cars etc, he was ok. I said that wasn't a real race and no trophies or anything and that they were so impressed with his racing that they wanted to race him too.

Miss E has is no longer sick so she's back to her old self...sassy! Both kids were busy with Valentine's parties at school and Emma also got to go to a play at the DM playhouse on Friday.

I'll post the pics on a separate post and also included a couple recent ones of E.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fractions 101...

On the way to school today I hear Emma say 2 and a quarter. I'm thinking wow I can't believe she knows fractions already. Then I hear - 2 and a dime, 2 and a nickel :-)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

All About Me Album

Here is a mini album I finally finished up. I painted the chipboard pieces last November and finally added the paper and other stuff. The pink paint is a color I use a lot and the Autumn Leaves paper is also one of my faves. I used the UHU Scrapbooker's pen as my adhesive for the paper and I was very happy with it. I'm generally a double sided tape kind of girl and this pen really helped the paper to stick (and fast!) - especially on a painted surface where I have found tape doesn't stick well. I have used the liquid UHU in the past and love it for primas, but had not used the pen. I have another mini album I used it on as well, but needing to get a few more pics for the album printed before I share.

Here is the journaling. The album is about 6x6 inches.
Favorite TV Shows: The Office, CSI Las Vegas, Columbo, Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Murder She Wrote
Fave Foods: Cheesy Potatoes, Dr. Pepper, Cookies, Chicken and Noodles, Pizza, Chex Mix, Beer Bread
What I Do In My Spare Time: Scrapbooking, Watch TV, Play Piano
My Dislikes: Rude People, Cleaning, Really Spicy Foods, Monday Morning, Close Talkers, Slow Drivers
Names: Jennifer, Mom, Jenny, Mommy, Shenny, Honey, Jen, Mama
Places I Like To Go: Hobby Lobby, Branson, Lake Aqhuabi, Soccer Games, Tball Games, Walmart, Archivers, Crops
My Family: Dog Bosco, Daughter Emma, Cat Cooper, Son Parker, Husband Steve
Work at: Wells Fargo in Des Moines
I Am: Funny, Crazy, Procrastinator, Messy, Type A, Smart, Lazy
My Childhood: Camping, Small Town of Brayton (pop 150), Family Lived Nearby, Playing Games, Lots of Pets, Fishing, Homecooking
Married: Steve June 3rd 1995

You're Purrrrrfect!

Tonight the kids got busy on their valentines for school. We'll tackle their daycare valentines tomorrow. One of the reasons I went to WM today was to get valentines and candy and then almost forgot because I didn't write it on the list. They both got the same cards and candy...keeps the disagreements to a minimum. Picked up $1 boxes of cute animal ones. They were a hit. They each filled all of their valentines out. I knew Parker would (and could), but I figured E would just want to do her name if that. Nope, she wrote them all out and even did it faster than Parker. They got a big chuckle out of all the cheesy sayings. Neither kid has school on Val Day P's is Weds and E's is Friday. I attached some photos and also a video of the TKD test on Saturday. He's in the upper left hand corner at the front. Also included one of E wearing her cheerleading hair bow right after a bath - so ignore the wet hair part.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Now With A Splash of Color!

Parker's white dobo (robe) will now be accented with a yellow belt! It's official he passed. We went this morning to test. Before they tested the black belts did a demonstration. I think P was pretty much in awe. They broke a number of different things including concrete and boards on fire. I think he did pretty good and broke his board pretty fast. I was hoping he wasn't nervous and he told me he wasn't. They don't get their actual belt though until next Thursday, but he'll now be in the colored belt classes. It looks pretty fast paced. I didn't get any decent pics today, besides a couple of little movies on the camera. I'll be sure to take one once he's got the new belt on.

Last night was the big Daddy/Daughter Dance in town. Of course Emma proceeded to fall asleep after she got home and then we had to try to get her woke up AND in a good mood. So of course that meant no pics of her with her daddy before they left. I knew she'd have a good time once she got there and she did. They stayed for the whole thing. I guess she was rocking it out pretty good. She was very wound up when she got home. Parker on the other hand told me at 7:30 it was late enough for him so he was going to bed. He is SO like his father!

Tonight we are going out for early Valentine's day. No idea yet what we're doing, but the neighbor girl is coming over to babysit, so I'll need to get some cleaning done asap!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bologna or Bust

Emma is far more creative than I am. Case in point, this altered bologna package. She worked on this yesterday after I picked her up from school sick (as you can see she looks to be feeling fine). She had polished off the rest of the bologna and said mom I can use this now to hold my snacks, but first I need to decorate it. She wanted to use some blue glitter stuff that she said was in my scrap room (no idea what that was?) but I found these glitter stickers instead for her. She worked and worked on it...often the tongue even came out to help her out. Of course later the bologna container got stepped on and that ended badly, but this girl has "crafts" in her blood. Give her a year or two and I'm going to have to start pimping her out. I've altered a juice can that will be in a magazine soon, but I had never thought to use a bologna container! Also pictured is P's pinewood derby car. They put some coats of paint on it the other day. How dare Daddy not think to take action pictures?

Technically I am supposed to be at work right now..but alas it was not in the cards. We were hit with a bunch of snow AGAIN and Steve spent over an hour just plowing our drive. I headed out and did fine until I got to the roads that are to be plowed by the county. (It's about 8:30 by this time). When they plowed the highway they pushed all the snow onto the side road and so a Kia Sedona can not battle a mound of snow. Steve was planning to be home anyway so he came and pulled me out. I gave up and am taking another PTO day. Turns out hardly anyone made it to work. Ash Wednesday tonight, but I think we should be able to go. Steve's truck kicks butt. He was in town earlier and said there are cars off and stuck everywhere. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Same "Stuff" Different Day

The Hansens are still falling apart. Most of us are battling a bit of a cold/cough. Then of course Sunday I wake up and have shooting pains up my back (again). And Steve was gone a good part of the day to a church thing. I did take the kids into Sunday School and even went to church. I'd better have gotten brownie points with the man upstairs - because I was begging him to strike me down it hurt so bad! When we got home the kids were forced to pretty much do there own thing and did very well "on their own." I still have pinched nerve issues at least once a month, but now apparently the middle of my back hates me now too. I have a messed up back/neck anyway, but a good portion of this is caused by 1) my desk job, 2) my scrapbooking (not so much the scrapping part since I generally don't have time day after day to do it) but the computer part of it and the fact that I'm also on the computer a lot for no apparent reason, just surfing and 3) I don't exercise and am getting fatter by the day. I am now down to 2.5 weeks to Vegas and need to try to at least lose a few before we leave. I also need to get my legs on the treadmill a bit so I'm not in total pain from all the walking. I'm definitely taking it easy on my back for a few days before we leave. I am living it up when I get there!

Today at work I get a call about 10:30 - E isn't feeling well and has a bit of a fever (again). I went to get her and she was zonked. She proceeds to wake up and be perfectly fine for the rest of the day. We are in the midst of a snowstorm so we'll see if there is even school tomorrow or not! The sickies are going around and around. I guess there were 10 kids sick at from preschool today...that's 25 percent of the class! Both kids' schools got out early and I needed to get P off the bus, so everything worked out ok... with the exception of me blowing thru my PTO like wildfire!

Got the March issue of Paper Crafts today and my first pub with them is in there. This BABY card. Now that my back is cooperating, I'll get my mini album posted sometime this week I made on Saturday. Also need to reorg the scrap room a bit, before I tackle any calls. I can't get my tote in there right now. It's a "wee" bit messy (again).

Saturday, February 02, 2008

102 Degrees in the Shade

The fevers are still hanging around the Hansen house. This time it has been Steve since yesterday. Backing up to Thursday, E wasn't totally herself, but I thought ok enough to go to school. She was a little tired, but was talking my ear off on the way to school. I get to work and about 10 o'clock, the nurse calls. She's got a 102 fever. I had already worked like a dog the day before at work, since I didn't know if I'd be there Thursday anyway, so I was ready. She pretty much just chilled the rest of the afternoon, but still you could tell from her eyes she was still sick. I had also sent her Thursday because of cheer practice and she was very excited that they were going to get to cheer at the game Friday. Poor noodle didn't get to do it. She stayed home Friday too. We didn't know if her fever would spike again and she still wasn't her lively self. She can always cheer next year! Steve ended up with a 102 fever and feeling yucky on Friday too. Still had one today, but he said he was well enough to run P to basketball and even got the kids in for hair cuts. I see they even started on P's Pinewood Derby car. He said it was fine for me to go to the crop at E's school. I'm the only one that hasn't gotten sick yet. I'll either get it tomorrow while Steve's gone all day for church stuff (I had mentioned I would just have to lay on the couch and he said the kids wouldn't even notice I was sick then...har, har...) or on Monday which is our busiest day of the month at work.

Got another mini album finished at the crop today. This one was about me. I haven't taken pictures, but will post once I do. We have the worst lighting in this house...frustrating for scrapbookers! I had started this one last November and since I forgot the pictures for the other one I was planning to finish up today, this one got finished instead. All 4 of us even won today. I got some cute Love Elsie stuff. It'll look cute on some cards or layouts (been forever since I've done one).

That's about it for the sickie update!