Monday, May 30, 2005

Fish Fry Anyone???

Whew.... we've arrived back from our whirlwind Exira tour.

We had a lot of fun. Kids got to spend a lot of time with each side and Steve and I even got to do stuff too! Sunday morning we dropped the kids of at G&G B's house, while we went to the 100th anniversary celebration at the Lutheran Church. Church only ran over an hour, so it was 2 hours altogether. Can't believe the Lutherans would allow such a thing, that shows their dedication to the celebration :-) We then headed to the lunch and afternoon program. Steve was singing and Grandma Judi was in one of the plays. While we were at the program, E made nana bread with Gma and P went fishing with Gpa B. They caught 19 fish in a relatively short amount of time. I think both of them had a pretty good time at the Beymer Ranch!

I had to leave a bit early from the program to get the kids, but then we were able to celebrate cousin Laura's 16th bday with cake, which of course P and E loved. Emma kept practicing blowing at the candles! They had to get Laura home for a suprise bday party her friends were throwing for her. That was ok though, because at about that time E had a breakdown due to being overtired and so she took a late nap. P played some more Garfield. There are some really cool games at He especially loves the treasure hunt games....ok so do I, we spent hours on Saturday, trying to figure out how to solve them. After we got E up from her nap around 6 we headed to the cemetaries. The kids did ok, but E kept freaking out over all the flowers and P wanted to walk on the headstones. I kept telling her to use her cemetary voice, so she whispered "ok." P kept saying all of these weird things and trying to put his hands in my pocket, and I said something no mother should ever tell her child, but I was getting frustrated at this point, I said, "Parker, please stop being weird." He said, "No mom, I'm not being weird, I'm being a parrrot.".... Ok, my mistake then!

We headed out to another smaller cemetary west of town and Emma ran around and picked up all of the flowers that had blown off the graves, she was in heaven. P had to pee, but since no one else was there, we let him pee on a tree. For someone who's only 44 inches tall, he's got quite a range and aim! He started to get tired and we realized it was way past his bedtime. Both kids crashed when we got back, although Emma insisted she wasn't tired.

This morning, P was up at 5:30. Apparently, he forgot he stayed up late the night before. E slept in a bit. I went to the Memorial Day Celebration in Brayton with Mom. It was a very nice service and the weather was great. Mom got some pretty good pictures of everything. I didn't take the kids to this either, Gma and Gpa H watched them. Guess they had ice cream for lunch, so Gma H is at the top of their lists right now :-) Steve went fishing with Dad while this was going on and they came back with 60 fish. They had A LOT of fun cleaning all of those. After lunch, Dad, Steve, P and I headed back to fish again. We caught a couple dozen more. P and I were tuckered out and tried to nap in the Gator towards the end. The fish finally stopped biting which was probably a good thing. We now have enough fish to feed the neighborhood! While E was with Gma B, finally at 4 she hit the wall and went down for a nap.

After cleaning even more fish, we headed back home. When we got home around 7, P begged us to let him go to bed. The kids were filthy though, so that had quick baths first. E stayed up till 8 and then of course insisted she wasn't tired. I didn't hear a peep from her after she laid down.

I'll post some pics in the next couple days, but I'm too tired to attempt that now.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I love the pretty colors

There are hot air balloons out tonight. The weather is so beautiful tonight, although I think almost too beautiful for the balloons, since they don't seem to be doing anywhere. Emma saw them and about had a coronary. "Ahhhh, I love the pretty colors!" she shouted when I showed her. We are missing the Balloons on the Square this year because of vacation, so we'll have to be sure to take her out to the balloon festival in August, so she can see them up close and personal. Sometimes they fly right over our house. You kind of do a double take when a gigantic champagne bottle flies overhead.

Daddy and P did a little fishing while Emma and I napped today. They caught one big fish, but then that was it. Hopefully we can sneak in a little fishing time this weekend back home, but we'll have to see.

Parker had his next to last soccer practice today. Most of it was game time, which meant two kids had the ball the whole time and the rest of them ran behind. I don't think P is really grasping the concept he's supposed to be trying to kick the ball yet, but he doesn't get upset, so I'm not too worried about it. He loves to just kick the ball back and forth, preferrably with the coaches. His "girlfriend" was there too, and she's just as lost as he is. He's starting zoo class in a couple weeks and he really liked it by the end of summer last year. Too bad litle E can't go, but they have to be 3. She'll be able to start Parks and Rec craft class and Sunday School in the fall, I'm sure she'll love it. (But she'll probably need to work on her inside voice.)

Daddy worked a bunch with Emma on potty training yesterday, but she would sit and sit and nothing happened. When it was about bedtime, she insisted she would go potty. She ran around without a diaper for a long time and would sit on her potty chair. Then there was potty action....on the floor. We said it was time for bed (it was way past bedtime at that point anyway and were letting her stay up since we knew she'd eventually need to go), but then she kept crying, "I want to sit on the potty." Eventually we got her into bed. She got up regular time today, but then at noonish said, I need in my bed and went right to sleep.

Kids were outside "helping" in the garden tonight and then were making sandcastles. Daddy had to use the garden hose on them they were so dirty. Of course they loved it. We have SOOOOO many strawberries. They aren't red yet, but can't wait!

Parker is still doing great on the eating. Tonight, he ate two pieces of pasta salad and TWO pieces of hot dog. Emma ate two huge pieces of celery and actually cleaned all of her plate too. She's been a battle lately, but P always eats everything, generally without a fight anymore.

Today was Cooper's vet checkup/shot day. The vet gives us a tranquilizer pill, because otherwise he has "panic attacks." That's actually written in his chart. Cooper is till sleeping off his "kitty hangover." His eyes have been crossed and glazed over and he's pretty much been sleeping. When he was walking earlier he looked drunk. The vet said since Cooper is getting older, he needs to be on a senior cat food, since he isn't so active anymore. Has he ever been active??

Our other cat Marshmallow caught an almost full grown rabbit yesterday and then ate till he was stuffed. I'm going to make Steve move the rabbit carnage out of the yard...yuck!

Well Emma's bedtime, so we'll see what stall she tries to use tonight.....

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Diaper Ice

Guess I haven't posted lately, but guess nothing too exciting has happened around here! Both kids are officially taking after me.... Parker in the morning does not want to get up and Emma at night does not want to go to bed! He sleeps with his light on so that doesn't work to wake him up. Today Steve opened his door and uncovered him and a minute later Parker shut the door and went back to sleep. Emma stalls terribly at night. We laugh, because that's when suddenly she decides she wants to sit on the potty. Tonight she took off her pj's and diapers and sat on the potty chair.... Of course no action, besides the stalling.

Steve and the kids took me to work today (van was in for an oil change) and so when they picked me up today, we treated them to Burger King. I swear everytime we're in a playland, Emma springs a leak. (A while ago when we were at McD's, she sprung a leak the minute we got there and I didn't have extra clothes. Luckily P had shorts and sweatpants on, so I stuck her in his shorts. I think I really confused him) Her diaper was starting to really sag tonight, but we were planning to leave in a couple minutes, so we figured we'd just change at home. She can't climb up the last couple rungs by herself, so she always stands there and looks pitiful saying, "Help me little girl, help me." Tonight the "little" girl was twice her age. (She usually sucks someone in) Anyway, tonight we said "Let's go" and of course Emma starts climbing as fast as she can to get away. The little girl helped her up and Emma was missing for a good 5-10 minutes. We didn't see her anywhere. She always hides when it's time to go home and I'm not about to go up there. We knew eventually she'd get thirsty. After awhile here she came with a diaper disinigrating between her legs. It looked like there was crushed ice all of the floor. I'm sure there was plenty up above as well. Ick!!! We got out of there quickly after that. Parker's girlfriend Chloe showed up right before we left. She has blonde hair and big blue eyes too, so they make a cute couple. She held his hand the other day at church. Steve doesn't it like it when I say "girlfriend."

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Princess and the Pig

Emma had gotten a dollhouse for xmas and loved it. It really didn't come with much furniture, but she likes to use all kinds of figurines in it (Care Bears, trains, Dora the Explorer etc.) Lately she loves to use the Princess that came in a toy she got awhile ago. Her other favorite is the pig that came in the Fisher Price barn. I had the bright idea that if I got her the bathroom set for dollhouse, if piggy and princess went potty, then maybe E would want to to. Yes, she has them go alot and says "Did you make a stinky? You need to use the potty, good pig" and in the same moment she poops her diaper.... I guess she's skilled. She is always saying piggy you are stinky and need a bath, so this is the cleanest pig in the midwest.

We also decided we'd better get her out of a crib. She loves sleeping in it and never gets out, so I haven't been in a hurry. I also worried that if she could get up anytime she wanted now, she'd be up all night playing with Princess and the Pig. Her crib makes into a daybed and for the last few nights and afternoon naps, she doesn't even try to get out. When she wakes up, she'll yell, "I'm awake, I need out of bed." I'm sure she'll eventually get out, but so far it's good while it lasts.

P has been scared of the dark lately in his room at night, so he sleeps with a touch light on and the shades up. Not sure how he can sleep, but he's sleeping better now than when it was dark and he'd wake up in the middle of the night upset. I'm hoping this is a phase! Poor kid really scorched his finger on the light the other day though. The shade on it had broken (can't remember which one did that) and so he must have touched the wrong spot. He's also become obsessed with Xmen lately thanks to daycare. He calls himself Icicle. I guess my name is Storm and Emma is Gabin. He said daddy isn't an Xman.

It was the last day of Sunday School yesterday and they had a fun day outside for the kids. There was a bounce house and so the kids were in heaven. Emma was one of the littlest ones in there and wasn't scared at all. P loved it as well. They also got some bubbles and played ring toss and ate way too many cookies. I brought my camera, but of course I hadn't charged the batteries so only got a couple movies of them in the bounce house and no still pics. When will I learn?

Saturday, May 21, 2005

You Win Some You Lose Some

Well I put up a good fight, but in the end I lost my entire $5 at my Ladies Poker Night. There were 5 of us and at one time or another most of us had the lead, but in the end Marnie kicked our butt. At about 12:30 am, we finally called it a night. I brought beer bread and BLT dip and we pretty much polished off the bread. Everyone brought a snack to share, there were so many good yummies! I have some more bread baking right now, so that I can get more of dip used up at home.
Beer Bread
3 cups self-rising flour
1 cup sugar
1 can beer (room temp)

Stir and bake at 350 for 1 hr. I like to serve cubed.

BLT Dip (took from Quick and Easy Gooseberry Patch Book)
1 cup mayo
1 cup sr cream
Crumbled bacon (I used a package or so of crumbled bacon)
2 tomatoes chopped up
I'd never made before was pleasantly suprised that it wasn't too bad.

P was to have soccer this morning, but when I woke up I could hear thunder and so once again soccer has been postponed. This was to be the last practice, but instead we have it for two more Saturdays now. We did kick around the ball once it cleared off at home. Emma was very excited because Daddy got her some new sand for the sandbox. She said Thank You, I'm minding my "matters."

Tomorrow is the last day of Sunday School, so I'm sure P will be bummed. Next fall E will be old enough to go, she already knows a bunch of the songs, I'm sure she'll love it like he does.

Not much else going on today. And now that most of my reality shows are over, what am I going to do with my time???

Friday, May 20, 2005

That Girl Loves Dirt

P had Parks and Rec class tonight and they were learning about flowers and dirt. I had E with me because she likes to go shopping with Mommy while his class is going on. They met outside and they were playing with buckets, dirt and scoops and Emma so was so excited she about cried. I couldn't get her to understand that this wasn't her class. The teacher loves Parker (our kids take soccer and tumbling together) and so I let E play for a couple minutes and then picked her up screaming that she wanted to play with dirt!!! She calmed down by Walmart and then "helped" me push the cart around. Got the kids some cool shades and E some new sumemr jammies. Got her some with frogs on them (wasn't thinking because she saw a real frog at Lauri's today and went into hysterics), but luckily she didn't seem to mind them as long as they weren't breathing. P was very excited because they got Oreos for a snack at class, but I don't think he was very thrilled he got his hand covered in paint, since they made hand flowers.

Well done watching CSI and Apprentice. Was glad she didn't win Apprentice, she has been very embarassing the last few shows, can't stand the swearing and the the making fun of the others. She is my bosses' neighbor, so guess that's my brush with fame.

Going to my first monthly Women's Poker Night tomorrow night. I'd better be on my best behavior and try not to get too competitive or I won't be asked back!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I Hate Puters!

Was trying out to post pics as Mom used it and her pics were very clear and nice sized. I tried and on two of them I ended up with ginormous pictures of the kids' heads and couldn't get it corrected. The other one posted fine once I shrunk the pic down a bit. So on two of them I went back to hello program and posted them, but then they are fairly small. With either program the pics don't show up very clear on my computer. If they don't on yours, right click and refresh quality. And here I was headed to bed an hour ago.... errr.....

Serenity now, serenity now!!!

Monday, May 16, 2005


Didn't lose any children outside today, no one put anything up their nose and no one played cards naked, so I deem today a success!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'll Take Items That Fit Up Your Nose for $200 Alex

Answer: An orange bead that's diameter was at least twice as big as a popcorn seed.

Question: What is the latest item Parker fished out of his nose tonight?

I think he likes the thrill of the hunt or something, any tips on how to stop this??

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bicardis and Strip Poker

Parker wanted a drink and I was looking in the cupboard for a cup for him. He saw the sippies and said I want to use the Bicardi.... he must have seen Unc Brad and the pics from New Orleans!

Right after the Bicardi comment Parker gets out my Texas Hold Em set and asks Emma to play with him. He likes to flip the cards over and then move the poker chips the number of spaces on the card. Steve doesn't like him to play with it (apparently afraid it'll corrupt him, but he's gone right now so too bad). I was in the kitchen making banana bread and am not really listening to them, but can hear them talking to each other. I hear the words naked chair and then hear it a few more times. I go in there and they have both taken their shirts off and are sitting only in their jeans playing cards. It was soooo funny, I had to take a picture. Better not post a picture on the web though!

I See Why They Named Him Marshmallow

It's because that's all his brain is made of! We hadn't seen him for a couple of days, but I figured with all of the rain, he may have gone back home. Nope! Steve opened up the shed today and there was Marshmallow. He'd been in there for probably a couple days. He didn't even want to come and there was fur everywhere, because he apparently had his head stuck in a hole for awhile. He must not have been hungry though because there were a bunch of mice in there and no carnage from the cat.

Parker informed me yesterday when he woke up that there are just boogers in his nose and no popcorn, so that's good to know!

I was home with the kids yesterday and since it was crappy outside, I wanted to go somewhere. We ran to Walmart for a few things. The kids were pretty good, but got very bored very fast when we stopped in the scrapbooking section. They was a bunch of new stuff and Steve already saw the amount show up on our checking statement...oops! While we were shopping Emma found some M&M stickers and grabbed them and said "Thanks Mom. I'm so proud of you!" I snuck them back on the shelf when she wasn't looking.

After dropping everything off at home, we headed to the zoo. I thought no one would be there as it was dreary and overcast, wrong! Apparently every school, preschool and daycare in the greater Des Moines area was there. They wouldn't even let us park near the front. I didn't bother with the stroller as I knew E would want to walk everywhere herself anyway and P would be the one who'd want to ride in it. This was not one of the better zoo trips we've ever taken. E didn't want to get out of the prairie dog hole and also didn't want to get off the playground equipment. P wouldn't stay near me and when E and I were looking at the giraffes he disappeared. I had to lug muddy Emma all around looking for him and then it started to rain. I was afraid he'd end up on a school bus as whenever there are groups of kids anywhere he wants to go with them. Found him by the seals just walking around not scared at all. He always wants to go to the zoo, but then never stops to look at anything, he just wants to keep going. On that note we went home! If it hadn't been crowded I think we'd have been fine, but since it was so noisy, he couldn't hear me telling him to stop.

Had soccer today, was terribly windy again. I spent most of the time in the van with Emma. They played a little scrimmage, but there was one kid who hogged the ball and the rest of the kids just ran behind him. When we got in the van, Parker said, "I'm very tired!"

Still no progress on the potty situation. I bought her a bathroom set for her doll house yesterday, so baby has been practicing going potty for her. She says "I'm so proud of you for going potty. You get a treat."

I've convinced Mom to get a blog.

Ok Grandma Hansen, you'd better get started on one too!

Friday, May 13, 2005


I feel so blessed, the pope visited my blog!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Popcorn Anyone?

Things have been going way too smoothly with the children lately, so I knew something was brewing. They ate their supper without incident, ate their pudding and couldn't wait for bath time. They got along in the tub and when P splashed E he even said sorry. I said we could have popcorn after we were done. They love that stuff and it can be great to bride them with. They were watching Thomas, P even picked it for E instead of Doodlebops, (while I watched Survivor) and Parker kept messing with his nose. He's had a bit of allergies and it's been itchy and not to be gross but I thought it was just a booger he was digging for or that his nose was dry from allergies. He kept digging and he even tried to use a Kleenex. Steve then shot some saline nose spray to help with the soreness. P said he was tired and so we were headed up to bed, he dug some and said, "I got it Mom!" and gave it to me.... It was a popcorn seed! I felt horrible, here I just thought he had a booger or dryness. Although I guess he could have told me he put something up there!! He headed up to bed and still kind of acted like it hurt so I got a flashlight to check to make sure everything was ok..... Suprise, another popcorn seed in the same nose hole! I'm proud of myself for not panicking and I'm proud of Parker for not freaking out either when Steve and I tried to figure out how to get it out. We were trying to get him to blow his nose hard and that wasn't working, so Steve got the nose sucker we still had from when the kids were babies (Thank goodness I don't clean out clutter very often!) We tried that over and over and P actually kind of thought it was funny. We told E to play in her room while this was going on as didn't want her to get P upset. I was afraid we'd have to make a doctor run in the morning, but it would have bothered him all night. One final suck and, whew... got it out! We looked with the flashlight again and didn't see anything else. If there is it's really jammed up there! I'll check again in the morning. He's never been one to put things in his nose, mouth or ears, so it didn't even occur to me that's what the problem was. I really expected something like that from E instead. I am very proud of how P didn't freak out or cry, he's really growing up. Not so proud of the seeds up the nose, but at least I don't think it'll be happening again anytime soon, unless he thought it was fun to have it sucked out...

Home with the kiddies tomorrow, my sitter has the day off. Was hoping to take them to the zoo, but it's been storming and raining like crazy tonight. I know any park activity will definitely be out, so the only thing we might see tomorrow would be Walmart!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away

About 2.5 inches or so of rain here. Poor P couldn't understand why we couldn't play soccer tonight. He kept saying, "It's not raining anymore." He was just being hopeful....

Everyone check out It is hilarious!!

Not much else to report, time to put the kiddies to bed.

More of the Same

Tonight after we got home it was more outside time.... soccer, playing on the swingset, Emma in the sand box (getting sand in her diaper), playing with our "new" kitty etc and the kids asking again when are we going to Grandma's house. It's supposed to rain here the next couple of days, better get them outside while we can. No big storms our way yet, but I can hear thunder. I was up till 2 last night and up at 6, so I'm not staying up to see if we get blown away!

Been busy watching Amazing Race tonight, was so thrilled with who won (won't type who it was in case some of you haven't seen it yet).

P.S. Cat aka White Kitty aka Kriss Cross aka Patches is actually known as Marshmallow in his real home. He is my sitter's cat, but he seems to want to live here instead for now. Cooper is still pouting....

Monday, May 09, 2005

Checking In

I'd better update my blog or Auntie M and Preggy Marn will kill me! Now I have to try to remember what we did the last few days, I can see why I should not procrastinate so much! I wanted to type last night, but allergy season has kicked in around here and either my allergies are bothering me or I have strep throat. I felt very crappy after we got back home last night and my throat is killing me today.

Friday: Spent the evening playing soccer with Parker and pink ball with Emma in the big area of our yard. Man he's really got a leg on him and I was also amazed how Emma can be coordinated to kick it already. They obviously got my athletism (NOT). While we were outside we noticed our new neighbors are starting to move in. Haven't had anyone living in that house for at least two years or so. They have some kids of various ages it looks like. Hopefully Steve's intense mowing doesn't scare them away. Kitty Corner across from us we are also getting new neighbors who are building a new home. This road hasn't seen this much activity in a long time. Also on Friday night a huge semi managed to get stuck right across the road just past our mailbox, so our yard became the pass thru for all the neighbors on the end.

Saturday: Soccer once again. He was very excited to go and Mom under estimated when to get there (the soccer field is way on the other side of town) so we were almost late..oops! It was terribly windy again, but not as cold. He had his new soccer shirt and his "soccers" on (shin guards). He does pretty good and didn't even use his hands. Quite a few of the younger kids were scared or crying. Sometimes Parker looks a little confused, but I think it's because he couldn't hear what was going on. We then told the kids that we were going to Grandma Beymer's later that day, so for the next few hours all we heard was "Let's go!" We headed back and Emma took a huge snooze upstairs and Parker helped Grandpa with chores. We were hoping to take the kids fishing, but once again too windy. After waiting to see if it would die down, Steve, Dad, John and I headed out. I rode in the back of the Gator (or alligator as E calls it) with Keela a.k.a. Kiki the dog over to the pond. I caught quite a few decent sized blue gills and then hit a cold spell. Then everyone else started catching bgills and crappies for awhile. They also caught a few bass we threw back. We fished till it got dark and it took me 10 minutes the next day to come all the snarls out of my hair from the wind. Gma got to give the kids baths and P crashed long before we got back.

Sunday: We stayed at other gpa and gma's Sat night and in the morning planned to all go to church. Poor kids we had them dressed for church way too early and they couldn't go outside and play until after we got back. They did pretty good at church, besides P picking his nose in front of everyone when he went up for the children's sermon, but I know he's having some allergy problems so we'll let that slide for now. They then sang a song he didn't know although I could tell he really wanted to sing. He did dance a little bit from side to side. Emma had a couple loud statements during church, but overall I consider it a success. When we got out of church she said, "I can be louder now." Also when we were leaving church, someone wanted Gma Judi to take their picture and Gpa Robert kind of sighed (because Gma can never seem to take a picture fast enough or is always having problems with her camera) and Parker said "This thing won't work." P got to play some soccer outside with Cuz Laura and Emma once again took a big snoozer. It got kind of stormy out for awhile, but then we headed back home. P then said now it's time for Grandma Beymer's house. (We did things backwards this time so it confused them.) P played yet some more soccer outside and Emma chased our new kitty around.

Monday: We accidentally forgot Emma's pillow and blanky at the Hansens, but she actually didn't get too upset, we just explained to her we'd get it next time. Today she wanted to take new pillow and Nemo blankie to Lauri's, so she's apparently ok with it. Tonight was bath night and she even let me scrub behind her ears, oops apparently I hadn't in awhile, I forget since her hair covers them. We then had poppy corn and Parker read books while Emma played trains. (She is also very obsessed with her dollhouse and tells the funniest stories when she's playing, will type more on that another night). Parker could make out about half the words in the books we were reading, now if we could only get that kid to want to write!

We seem to have a new cat at our house. It might be our sitter's cat, I need to ask. Usually everytime a new cat come around, Cooper chases them away. Even though he has no front claws most cats are scared of him. This cat though is so dumb, that he just walks closer to Cooper and tries to be friends. He's also a male, so I wouldn't think he's looking for some lovin. He's cream colored, a lot thinner than Cooper and kind of cross-eyed. The minute we get home he comes running from across the road or from the trees or fields. He is so loving and lets the kids chase him around and lets them try to pet him. He has front claws though, so I'm sure he'll accidentally scratch one of them pretty soon when he's playing. I've given him food and water the last couple of days even though Steve is against it... ha ha! I called him Patches, but Parker said his name is The Cat. Steve said he doesn't have Patches on him, so I said I'd call him Kriss Cross (since he's cross eyed). Cooper is very jealous and I think he runs out and eats all the food the minute we aren't looking. Cooper also broke a flowerpot this morning getting up on the shelf freaking out at the cat outside. He has to have been someone's cat since he's so friendly, so we'll see if he stays around. Cooper'd better be on his best behavior, since there is some competition!!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Share and Share Alike

I took E with me when I took P to class tonight so Steve could have some time to do some things outside. I told them that after class we'd all go to the park. Poor Parker has been asking for a week and finally it's getting warm enough to go. While he was in class making his paper bag poncho and hitting a pinata, E and I went shopping. I stayed away from Walmart as that place gets me into trouble, so we ran to Goodwill. The first thing we saw was a Lucky Duck game. The batteries even worked and so she was having it quack in the store. $1.99 not too bad. Then she sees a lunch bag with a Wells Fargo logo and says "It's Mommy's!"Then we go to the game and puzzle section and I didn't see much that would interest either one of them. Little Miss Observant, spots a great find. I've never seen one of these before, but it's a Sesame Street track system with a little bus that runs on batteries, where you hook all the 26 letters together to make the track. Every single piece was there including directions. They'll have all of them lost by Saturday, that was another $1.99. When we went up to pay though she only charged me $1.99 total, so that was cool. Daddy is "thrilled" we got more toys with lots of pieces. We then went to Dollar General and got a pink ball for outside and some hair ties, so I kept my shopping spree under $5. We picked P up from class and he had his candy from the pinata, he said "Here sister, this is for you" and gave her a piece.
We then headed to the park. The kids were so excited they about blew a gasket. They played for awhile and snacked on pretzels and fruit snacks sharing with each other. They were the only kids there and P kept saying "Emma follow me" and they both kept saying "We love the park." I purposely didn't bring any drinks, since I knew once they got thirsty enough we could go home and it was getting close to bed time. After dragging the new track set out, we finally got them to bed.

I have finally gotten my Survivor, CSI and Apprentice watched. At least the finales are coming soon and my Tuesday and Thursday nights won't be so busy... although then Big Brother starts... yes I have a problem, I admit it!

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Steve has gotten Parker hooked on toast with a cheese slice open face sandwich. P just called it a Tidleman sandwich and once he finishes it we're off to day care. Emma is in some cute little capris I got at Old Navy (hoping they don't get too small too fast) and she proclaimed, "I'm cute!"

Well off to work...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kitchen Tip #1

A washrag down a garbage disposal doesn't grind up very well!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pregnancy News

I thought that'd get your attention!!! No it's not me, but I am so way excited about it!!!

Just got back from the circus and all four of us are tuckered out. They loved the animals! Steve loved all the girls in their skimpy costumes.... They sat great and didn't get bored till towards the end. We totally missed Emma's nap, so she caught about 3 minutes on the way home. Oh well, that just means she'll actually fall asleep right away tonight instead of talking to her stuffed animals for an hour. P was a bit nervous at first with all the people and E of course doesn't want to hold anyone's hand, but all in all I'd call it a success! I'm sort of on a super mom high the last few days!

The Winning Streak Continues....

Both kids were quiet little angels at church today. Only a couple times did Emma talk very loud. Parker really wants to go to the park, but it is rippin cold and windy here again today so instead we're leaving in a few mintues for the circus. It will either be a big success or terrible failure... They both think they are wearing their lion and unicorn costumes, they keep thinking it's the zoo at Halloween time.

Wish us luck!