Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We've Made Progress!

We've had the hole in the back yard for a couple weeks...then it rained....

The cement dudes were finally able to get started and they've been here yesterday and today and this is what the back looks like now. Stay tuned for more excitement!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Hijinks

Since it was too windy to go to any Trick or Treat stuff tonight, we tackled the pumpkins. Emma is also excited that we are roasting some of the seeds. Can you tell whose pumpkin is whose? I just can't believe how artistic she is! Parker's was very simple and clean and also very cool.

Here they are in their costumes when we went to Night Eyes Friday night. It stopped raining long enough that we were able to go. We had about a million things to do this weekend (and the flu also hit us during some of the craziness) Emma wanted to be a unicorn or pony again (she's been one the last 2-3 years) but we could no longer squeeze her into it. Most of the little girl costumes were "prostitoty" and she didn't like them anyway...whew! We went with another unicorn. Unfortunately they only made them in small, but since it just sits around your waist we should get another couple years out of this. She gets a new costume and Parker ended up with a 25 cent Frankenstein mask. That is what he wanted to be, so everything worked out ok. Still trying to fit in time to go to LHF, also hitting a TorT thing tomorrow night at a park, and the local college on Thursday - weather permitting. And Steve is gone part of the week so I will be deranged by the weekend. Sprinkle in some TKD and dance and the week will go by in a blur.

Also wanted to post a some bday pics when Parker turned the big 0-8 on the 19th. He got bday muffins in the morning (he totally hearts muffins so that was perfect), wanted UB Funkeys and a Sponge Bob Cake.
I will try to post again soon with more details of other Happenings, but no promises. I've been getting some grief the blog hasn't been updated, but my life is nuts so you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!