Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Bit of My Stuff

I also
The buttons on the Delight layout are from Grandma's clothes.

Another One Bites The Dust....

Parker has had another loose tooth for awhile and today while we were eating lunch he kept messing with it because he said it was very wiggly. A couple minutes later out it came! It was a side bottom one. His top ones are coming in pretty big and I'm sure crooked with my dental history. I should already start saving for braces! Emma keeps wondering when she'll lose some. That reminds me the tooth fairy needs to visit tonight.....

I actually got quite a bit done yesterday at the crop (for me) and I was happy with what I created. I of course bought a few things, but even used some of it right away. I had never been to a crop before where they put out door prizes and don't give them out.... I guess it's the new way to do things or something.... I battled with my scanner today to get them scanned/stitched and will post some in a bit. Some didn't scan the best but you can at least get the general idea. We had some heavy rain for a few minutes and of course in the midst of scanning one our power surged and I had to start over. I swear creating the page takes less time than getting ready to submit it!

It sounds like the fundraiser/dinner was a huge success yesterday. I was worried my scrap stuff wouldn't be popular but I guess a bunch of people wanted it and it went pretty high. It's amazing how many people scrap though (or want to get started). I sold a ton of stuff at my garage sale too and when I did a basket for P's school last year it did well too. Yet my scrap room is still packed to the gills...I have a serious problem I will admit it...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just a Smidge

Today Emma said she was just a smidge on the yellow. We couldn't get her tell us much about her "infraction" besides that it was for talking...shocking!! On the way in today she pointed out the principal's office and told about the kids from class who have been there. She also pointed out the seats you sit in to wait to go in and see him. (Remember he's the person with the "neck tag.") She said he wears that because he is in charge.

Parker had another soccer game tonight. We were missing 3 kids and only had 6. They play 5 on 5 so only one could sit out at a time. The other team had 9 so they had fresh legs. The Wings were still victorious!! We lost count after awhile. It's so nice to be on a team this year where the coach cares and has been teaching them skills. Winning isn't everything, but when you've always been on the teams that have gotten killed it's a nice change of pace! Then as we were leaving he of course asks if he can go home and play soccer.

On the way to the game I swung by WM to get a few pics printed for Saturday. I tried loading thru the website but since we have dial is not very successful or fast. I only wanted 12 4x6's and 4 5 x 7's printed. It seemed so easy. I did the one hour so that I could get them in time for the crop. Steve said he'd swing by and get them. I forgot to remind him to look at the pics and make sure everything was ok. Well it's WM so of course it wasn't. I am not a happy camper! I'll have to stop again tomorrow and then wait until they can print them again. Wow for 1 hour service it sure is a lot of work! 2 of my 5x7's were missing, 3 of my 4x6's were black (even though index print specifically shows them on there) and they overchaged me by 25 on each 4x6. I'm debating if I'll swing by HL on the way there tomorrow since they are having huge sales.....

Work has just been insane crazy this week so the weekend can not get here fast enough!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm A Tiger - Hear Me Roar!

Parker had his first den meeting tonight. Today Steve went and got his uniform - complete with precut sticky stuff to stick the patches to the shirt (sweet). Steve also attached the patches. I think that's only fair since I've been going to the meetings! I've been threatening to volunteer him to be assistant den leader :-) Of course about 15 minutes after we get there he loses his metal neckerchief holder somewhere in their yard...sigh.... It was getting dark fast and E and I looked for it with no luck. It was at Aidan's house (P's best bud) so he was more than a little wound up. We will be emphasising that a Cub Scout needs to be a better listener and have fun but not get too goofy. I think he's going to a sleepover at his house soon too. If between two busy families we can come up with a date. I took some pics and this is the best one. The pics where he is upright he of course that goofy weird smirk going on. I'm tired so that all you're getting tonight on the kidlets.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She Speaks the Truth!

Tonight the kids were playing balloon tennis (balloons are raquets and you hit a balloon-hence the name) and Emma needed another balloon blown up. She said, "I can do it Mom. I'm full of hot air." I taught her not to lie :-)

Monday, September 24, 2007


Probably about a year ago Parker acted like a cat ALOT... I always hoped he wasn't doing that at school. Apparently not since he seemed to have friends. Luckily the cat phase was short lived since it was more than a little awkard when you're at Walmart and he's meowing or trying to rub against your leg. Although actually that probably doesn't stand out much at WM now that I think about it. Anyway....last week and this week is intercession at school and his group is covering Fairy Tales. He was excited because they did a drama play (that's what he called it) and he got to be the cat in "Little Red Hen." He had his first pack meeting for Cub Scouts tonight. We had football practice first so he was probably a little ripe, oh well!

Miss Emma had her baton/tumbling tonight and came home with a cute pink Superstars lunch bag from the teacher. When I asked her about it she informed me it was for toys and was NOT a lunchbox. I'm picturing it holding her Polly Pockets very soon...or more likely rocks and sticks. She goes into school like she's been going there for months. She doesn't even want me to walk her in, but Mom did put her foot down on that. We pull up today and get out and there is a guy getting into his car. She says, "Mom, that man isn't Mr. Woods (the principal). He's not wearing a tag." I assume she means a badge/ID of some kind. Her school reminds me of my grade school growing up so I was suprised they'd have ID tags. No air, a sign that says visitors check in but no one does and bathrooms with little bitty toilets. She prefers the medium toilet. Anyway, we are walking in and she talks again about the tag. She points to her throat and says "He always wears a neck tag." I knew with her it's better to not correct her. Too cute!

Tuesday is a quiet night for us, so I'll probably tackle some laundry. I didn't get around to making anything for Scott's benefit this weekend...I can't get to my desk again, my organizing went horribly wrong and the mess is worse than ever, so I'm going to cheat and put together a basket of scrap goodies instead. Hope to do that tomorrow. Scrapping all day Saturday at a Scrap Pink crop (Breast Cancer awareness) and of course I have no pictures printed yet. Man I wish I could upload from home...errr.... I am looking forward to girl company for 12 hours.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things

From Emma:
While driving by a corn field - "They are carvining corn. It looks like they got tired." (part of field still had corn left.)
While singing "People on the Bus" in the van the other day - "The driver on the bus says ooh, on , at...ooh on at....ooh, on at." I tried to correct her but that did not go well!
She says this about everything lately - "OMG." We told her Oh My God wasn't nice to say so she is now abbreviating.
While asking Parker about stuff - "Hey Bud. Do you want to play?" "What are you doing Bud?"

From Parker:
Guess What??? Guess What??? Guess What??? (This gets old fast)
After coming home from school the other day - "Guess what Mom? Anna told me your middle finger is like a swear word."
When asked why he had a bag of red poisonous berries on the counter from their fishing trip today - "Guess what Mom? Whenever an animal is being mean to a bird, I'll throw a berry to them."
The majority of his conversations though revolve around Pokemon...sigh...

Well the tire is now fixed and my horrible Friday and Saturday are over. We never made it to soccer practice on Saturday and I got a bruise on my shin while trying to find a part to the air hose. I spent today back home with my family helping to clean Grandpa's house. I am not used to cleaning so I am sore and very tired! I hate Sunday nights, that means Monday morning is coming soon. I used to like working and lately not so much. I guess I'm still just down I can't afford to work part time. Plus I thought DH tonight was new and it was just another recap show....errr....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

The day started out fine. Kids off to school, went to work. Nothing really ticked me off at work anymore than usual. Then it everything changed on the way home....

Steve was heading back to his parents tonight and helping to clean at Grandpa's tomorrow so I was in charge of picking up the kids. I tried not to dally at work since I need to get Parker picked up by 5:15. Of course I was hoping to leave a few minutes earlier than I did at work, but I still had time. I was debating who to pick up first and decided to get Emma first. On the way it suddenly starts raining - I mean monsooning. It was honestly the worst rain I had ever driven though. Luckily I'm kind of familiar with the roads to her school, but still I was terrified. It's just a two lane road and there was no where to pull off for fear someone would drive right into the back of me. You couldn't see anything at ALL. I just forged ahead.... Finally after a few miles I get to Emma's school and the rain has let up a little. By this time it's 5:15 already. I get Emma (she was super excited because she picked a tube of dinosaurs from the treasure box today) and it's raining pretty hard again. She said she didn't want an umbrella and that she likes the rain. By the time we get to van she's hysterical because she's so wet. So now I'm listening to her crying. I call Lauri to tell her we're en route. We take off and I look down and a weird light is on the dashboard. Hmmm, wasn't sure what it was since we just got the van, but I think it was telling me I have tire either flat or losing air. Considering that it was still a monsoon I didn't want to be driving with a flat, I pulled over (we'd gone two blocks at this point) and I get out to check. A wave of rain hits me and I'm totally soaked..even down to my skivies. I get out and check and nothing is flat. I get back in. By this point the inside of the van is soaked and the floor mats are muddy. We finally get to Lauri's (and Emma has stopped crying by now). Guess what? The electricity is out! The rain let up a little when I picked up Parker and then drenched us on the way home. Since the electricity is out, we can't park in the garage so we park as close as we can to the front door. At least the rain let up a little again and the kids went inside. Someone else also darted inside.... an 85 lb lab named Bosco. He was wet and terrified. For some reason (he's not very smart and he's also scared of water) he hadn't taken shelter by his doghouse (he's also scared of his dog house, but it's still dry outside the house too). I'm guessing it suddenly started raining and he couldn't get to where his doghouse is so he hid under his bush. Although it's also covered near our front door so not sure why he didn't just sit there. Like I mentioned he's pretty dumb (but lovable). It was still raining and I couldn't physically get him back outside so I got a blanket for him to lay on by the door. Of course he didn't want to lay there, but a foot from the blanket. About 3 minutes after we're in, it stopped raining!

Then the kids (and I) immediately start having electricity withdrawl..... They can't understand that when the electricity is out it's everything. They start checking lights, TV's etc. We spend a few mintues trying to to get the dog back out with no success. The house is already getting pretty dark. We had planned on pizza tonight, but with no electricity they had sandwiches instead. We ate and hung out a bit in the room that had a little bit of light. We were all extremly bored and I was trying not to fall asleep because it was so dark. By this point, Bosco had dried off and had migrated over to where we were sitting. It's a little after 7 and I told them if the electricity stays out we'll probably go to bed in a bit. Then it's a miracle - there was light! Parker put his fist in the air in excitement and off we went to sweet TV and internet access. They were able to have popcorn. I had kind of forgotten the dog was in the house and while I was checking email (found out I had nothing selected for the next issue of Paper Crafts :-( ) out of the corner of my eye I see the dog. I was worried because he was now in the family room surrounded by plastic (and for him that's food). He jumped on the couch and immediately stuck his head behind the cushion. I think he was trying to be invisible. I still tried to pull him off and get him outside - no luck. He started watching TV and tried to be as still as possible so I wouldn't see him. In his defense he didn't once try to eat plastic. I was starting to get worried though since I figured he would need to use the "facilities" soon and as far as I know he isn't housebroken. I let the kids stay up a little late (of course P was still up at 6 today). The dog and I then watched a little TV and I kept nodding off. I still couldn't get him out - I even tried tricking him with his favorite chewy. I slept on the couch for a little bit and woke up about midnight. He's still laying there on the couch. (Of course he had picked my fave couch spot). Finally with some more tugging I got him outside. He gave me those really pitiful eyes. Not sure how today will go -if he'll try to come back in tonight. He had never ever tried to come in before. It's hard to get an 85 lb dog to move! The tire is now officially flat we are supposed to have soccer at 9. I was also going to run some errands - pick up Tiger Cub clothing, kids need a few clothes etc. today but that isn't going to happen now. And to top it off my back is killing me today.

Yesterday honestly felt like one of those dreams where you wake up and so much happened that didn't make sense and you're exhausted. It was no dream!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They're Not Spicy!

It's hard to believe but these are not all the water bottles currently in use at our house. There are probably at least 3 or 4 more strewn about (in the van, bedrooms, etc). Water bottles constantly fill the dishwasher...water bottles constantly roll around in the van....water bottles are constantly empty...

There is not a day goes by that these are not used. They aren't used by me at all (I'm terrible about not getting my 8 glasses a day) and Steve has one that he'll use when it's hot out. Other than that it's all about the kids. Parker and Emma have always hated pop...too spicy...and I'm not going to argue about that with them. They also aren't big on Kool-aid - I think my childhoold revolved around Kool-aid.. They used to drink milk and juice quite a bit, but with the exception of milk with Parker's cereal, Emma's "strawberry" milkie and milk at dinner everything else is pretty much water. They are not happy if they open up the fridge and there is not a water bottle in there. Parker is quite proud of himself though that he can now fill them. If they are in the van, they instantly get thirsty. And of course with sports there is always the need for a bottle too.

As I was unloading 6 bottles out of the dishwasher and putting 3 new ones in - I thought of how many of these things I see everyday. Life used to revolve around bottles and sippy cups and has now moved onto the water bottle. If I get enough ambition I'll be doing a scrap page about it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

This will be short...I'm still exhausted from the weekend and last night wasn't any better. Mondays are usually our craziest day of the week and we had baton/tumbling for Emma and soccer and football for Parker. Usually he isn't doubled up like that, but after both practices when he got in the van he said, "Can we go home and play baseball?" Does he ever get tired???? At least Tuesday and Wednesday are pretty tame!

Off to watch the BB finale... very disappointed....

At least Survivor starts Thursday. I am going for Jean Robert. I've seen him play poker on TV before and he's cocky, so it should make for some good TV!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Biker Birthday Babe

Miss Emma is officially the big 0-5! She didn't get the $70 Little Mermaid bike, but she got a snazzy new purple and more cost efficient bike and didn't seem to care. She kept telling Daddy she loved it. She had birthday cupcakes (mostly frosting) for breakfast...but when it's you bday it's ok! We crammed a lot into the party...presents, cake and pinata. We got rid of a lot of the parade candy! (And more importantly I got rid of my scrap mags) Most of the presents are now out of their boxes (and twist ties) and are now all over the house! It's good she got some toys since this poor little girl hardly has any....

The zonked picture is what happened when she got home from school Friday. She was absolutely exhausted from all the bday celebrationing I guess. Of course we couldn't wake her up and then she woke up around 11 that night. I have a feeling she'll be zonking early tonight too. Earlier this afternoon her eyes were pretty heavy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Feet

Parker had another soccer game today. Their team has really come along and tonight they smoked the other team. There aren't scores, but apparently each kids still keeps track! The coaches have really been working on the kick and chase concept with them. Parker can really boot the ball and is getting better at following it. I think most kids tonight (with the exception of the two girls who chase butterflies) each scored a goal tonight and I'm glad since that makes each kid feel special. I think soccer will be a sport he wants to stick with. Right now we try pretty much everything during the year thru Parks and Rec. It's pretty low key (and cheap) and it gives them a chance to see what they like. To be honest when he was younger I really didn't know if he'd be very athletic. He's my little sensitive bookworm and I put him more into this stuff to get him to become more outgoing and gain confidence. He's got some fast little feet on him. At this age they still don't do tournaments, travel etc which is nice. When he gets older we'll probably be on the "circuit." They don't have indoor soccer here, but he has other sports he likes too so it's nice he doesn't get burned out from one. Mommy has also started teaching him piano, but I am terrible about remembering to have lessons....I need to work on that.

Emma has been busy with the homecoming stuff at her school this week. Last night was the parade and she rode on the hayrack and threw candy. I didn't get many decent pics while she was on the float (of course she was on the other side), but I got one of her on it before we left. We sat at watched at a friend's house to watch and P was the only kid there. The parade was maybe 15 minutes long and he got more candy then he ever would at the 4th of July parade back home. It was so heavy he couldn't carry it. Today was costume day.... first she was tinkerbell but said it was itchy, so then we switched to Cinderella. I was a single parent this morning so after all of this we barely got to the bus on time! Her outfit also came with a crown (that broke right after we got it) and princess shoes (that would fit a baby) so she wore her bachelorette/bday crown and her Thomas tennis shoes. I got some goofy pics of her this morning, but I couldn't get a full length one of her in her blue dress, wearing her Thomas shoes and carrying her Thomas lunch box. They are celebrating her bday tomorrow at school and also having a cake for her at daycare so she'll be busy!

I decided to take tomorrow off to get ready for the party. All the shopping is done, just the cleaning is left. It's pointless in cleaning to early in the week because of the kids and I won't be around much on Saturday to do anything, so I'm sacrificing a PTO day to do something I hate :-)

P.S. Cripes when did a 2 liter bottle of pop become $1.50!!!

P.S.S. Disappointed in BB....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A "Rockin" Good Time

Today was Emma's first day of sharing - her day is every Tuesday. She knew right away what she wanted to share... her rocks! She is a "bit" of a pack rat/collector and rocks are one of her favorite things to collect. I'm always finding rocks in her pockets or in the van that's she picked up. She wanted to take her shell rock and then also needed mountain rock, star rock and some others. I tried to get out of her how it went, but nothing. I'll have to find out if she talked everyone's ear off about the rocks. Not sure if the sharing happened before or after the "red light." She came home with her first red light. The kids are on green and can move to yellow and red if they are misbehaving. I guess she wasn't listening when the teachers were telling her to stay in line. She then was being a stinker when we tried to talk to her about it...sigh.... I waited to talk to her about thought till her ouchie was better. I guess she had a mishap while sliding down the firepole on the playground right before Steve picked her up and sat with an ice pack for awhile in that "area". I'm assuming it wasn't too serious since later when we were in at the playground tonight she went down the firepole again without incident!

Signed Parker up for Tiger Scouts tonight. It doesn't sound like a huge time commitment (whew) although gonna have to shell out a bunch of dough for the Scout duds! It sounds like they have a lot of fun activities planned for the year and I think Steve (and Parker too) will have a good time at them. Well better get the backpacks etc packed for tomorrow. I haven't been to good this week to do it in advance and it usually means I forget something!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy

This is homecoming week at Emma's school so today was Cowboy day. She was pretty excited to get to wear her new horsey shirt and Lauri's daughter Katy had sent home a cowboy hat with a horse on it for Emma awhile ago, so she was horsey from head to toe. After I left school I realized I should have tried to take a pic of her with one of the teachers who was dressed up - shoot! I also had to post this picture of Emma from Sunday School yesterday. She got on this rock and said, "Take my picture." This doesn't happen very often and I actually had my camera with. The crossed arms was one of her "poses." This week is cram packed with kids stuff and the weekend is too, so this entry will be short and sweet. I really want to get my scrap room "clean up" finished since later this week with be getting ready for party cleaning.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

God Guys

In honor of the start of the Sunday School season - I'll share this Parker story from yesterday. He asked Dad where Upchuck was. (Long story short he's a Ben10 character who Parker says has puke powers). A few mintues later he said, "Don't worry Dad. I found him by the God Guys." Steve could not figure out what he meant. He went in and there he was in the Willow Tree Nativity. I also noticed there was a brontosaurus, but Parker said that's ok because he's a statue.

On the Emma bday party front - we ran to WM yesterday afternoon. I was organizing my scrap room and realized I needed LOTS of containers so while there we also got a few more party things and I also ran her by the toys to see if her wish list was the same that I had emailed to everyone. She is having an eclectic party. Power Puffs Girls cake, Bratz pinata (on clearance, yes!), Dora plates and a Bachelorette crown to wear. She said she she wanted to go down the girly toy aisle and pretty much pointed at everyone. If it's got glitter, a horse/pony, a girl or a pet she wants it. I also took her by the bikes to feel her out on which one she wants. (She's getting a new bike from us. The poor thing is riding a tiny hand-me-down one right now and her legs are way too long for it). She still says she wants the Little Mermaid bike. Of course it is the most expensive one and I looked and it's 12" and she needs a 16". We'll keep looking....

Not sure when the house will be getting cleaned since I think we have stuff going on every night this week, but it's trashed 3 minutes after everyone gets here so why do I worry about?
A pleasant surprise yesterday was a mini pack of some Daisy D's scrap paper in the mail. It's the perfect size for cards. I had signed up for the chance to get some free product and yipee! It even matches the stuff I won at Archiver's last month.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I Apologize to the Trees

Last night I spent two hours sorting out my old scrap magazines/books. I have a bit of a magazine/idea book addiction so there were alot....... I have a bookshelf in my scrapbook room and there were 3 shelves crammed full. I am now down to a little over a shelf (and that is without magazines piled on top of others). I have a stack that is taller than me that are going bye-bye. Steph and Roni (and whoever else) are going to made to go thru and pick out what they want. I ripped out a few things for ideas, but everything else must go! I kept 2007 and some of the stuff I liked from 2006 but that's pretty much it. I also put over a foot worth of old scrap catalogs into the recycling bin. Steve has the kids outside so I'm going to try to sort some more scrap stuff. It's even more chaotic than usual since I still have the garage sale stuff sitting in boxes up there too. I'm thinking I'm going to take over the closet in that room too.... I really would rather scrap, but I can't get to my table.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Great News!

Scott is officially out of his coma. He still has a long way to go, and contrary to what they show on soap operas you don't just wake up and start talking and walking. It sounds like he has been making improvements, but I know there is still a long road ahead for him and the Dillons. For those in the area they are planning a benefit to help out with expenses for him on September 29th. I believe there is a fun run/walk and that night a dinner/auction/dance. I'm not able to go but I think Steve is planning to take the kids to the dinner. I'm planning to probably make something scrappy to donate or a basket of supplies. I am going to check first to see what they think would go better. (For those of you that don't know much about Scott, he is our daycare provider's son who was in a serious car accident the beginning of May. Lauri is like a second mom to the kids and Parker and Scott were gameboy buddies. Scott just celebrated his 21st bday in August)

On the kid front, nothing major going on. Busy with soccer and Sunday School starts Sunday so the kids are excited for that. I also better start planning for E's bday's sneaking up on me!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Parker Picasso Take 2....

How cute is this? Emma drew this picture of Parker today at school. I'm not sure exactly which dots are the eyes and not sure what the red dots and green circle are, but I will definitely be saving this!

They had their dentist appts this morning and since I had a new person starting for me today - I figured I'd better show up on time to meet her this morning, so Steve took the kids. He said they were good as usual. The kids love going - it probably doesn't hurt they get a prize when they are done. I guess P has another loose tooth, so he's catching up with Peyton.

Well off to watch BB and scrap...look at my multitasking capabilites! (I fell off the Hobby Lobby wagon and got quite a few cool things today. In my defense they were on clearance or on sale :-) )

Monday, September 03, 2007

Smores and Stuff

We headed out to the park over by Creston for a Labor day picnic with Grandma and Grandpa Blue House and the Roofs. We had the traditional weinies over a gas induced fire and followed it up with smores. According to Grandpa Smores are not a dessert, they're just a snack. I got a couple good pics that I might have to try to scrapbook. Since they are just a snack we later followed that up with a Chocolate Fudge Cake from WM. During all of this they found a caterpillar that had already formed a crysalis (sp) on a stick. They put it in a cup and later Emma gets excited. We went over and it was shedding from his skin. I'm not for sure what happens with him next? I'm not good with science, but Judi said these wouldn't make a cocoon. I'm going to try to attach a video of it. Very cool!

Later we went on a walk over to the beach area and P, E and Laura splashed around for awhile. Of course the kids (Laura excluded) proceeded to get their shorts and most of their shirts wet. We knew that leaving would cause Emma to be "unhappy" and so there was a big unhappy face on the walk back. I also knew she was exhausted by this point and fell asleep quickly on the way home. Of course she had a big nap and is now up and wired. It may suck getting her up for school tomorrow!

I swear I spent over a half an hour tonight filling out forms/writing checks etc for school - pictures, intersession (the addt'l two weeks of classes the kids can take during their 3 week break that's coming up in a couple weeks), book orders etc and also a couple upcoming crops. I guess that's why I can't afford to go half time at work :-(

Well better see if I can get E to start winding down.....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chippy Mac Harry Potter

You may wonder who Chippy Mac Harry Potter is? I wondered that myself since Parker kept talking about Chippy Mac from school. A new friend? Nope. He's the chipmunk that hangs outside their class window. The class even took a vote on what to name him. Chippy came in first, Mac second and Harry Potter third, hence the name!

I have even been halfway domestic this weekend and cleaned (a little), cooked a couple meals and made zucchini bread yesterday and banana bread today. (It's amazing what you can get done if you don't sneak in a nap). I like to make the mini loaves and then freeze them. Parker LOVES banana bread and can easily eat a mini loaf in a sitting. I told him about the zucchini bread, but he said he wouldn't like it. Later he's eating away on it and said the banana bread was delicious. I'm not about to correct him.

Emma has decided on a Powerpuff Girls cake for her bday. Not sure where that came from but maybe she feels like she can relate to them because of their big eyes? I'm sure this will be yet another toy we'll need to buy a bunch of :-) She also found a sequined crown in some bachelorette stuff that was clearanced at WM so she's planning to wear that to her bday party.

We've never had much luck with getting hummingbirds to eat from our feeder. Year after year one will stop by on occasion, even if we put it near some flowers. Now the last few weeks we have been attacked! They have drank almost two of those light bulbed shaped feeders full of nectar and we have now put one out back by the other feeds since there is a dumb one that hangs out all day flying by the seed feeder. When he went to refill the one out front, he was swarmed! We have had seven of more at a time some days. I just looked out back and there were 4 on the tiny feeder. They were spending most of their time fighting each other. If you look closely at the picture there are at least 4 birds. This was taken yesterday and necatar is done to the skinnier part.

I've even managed to get some scrapping stuff done. I finished up my stuff for the September kit on This will be my last time designing for them. Their kits contain things that are definitely my style so that is nice. The newsletter will be available midmonth on their website. I found a few cute paper mache things at WM I just had to have so maybe I'll tinker around with that tonight. Paper mache usually involves some sort of painting and since my scrap table is always such a mess I usually put off doing it. I also made a few jewelry things for fun this afternoon to submit to a new bead magazine that had extended a call. I'm not holding my breath since I don't know a whole lot about jewerly!

The kids spent a good part of the day outside and should sleep well tonight. Once they are in bed, I'll watch BB. Of course I already peeked to see what happened on the internet. I'm such a cheater....