Saturday, April 30, 2005

The World Must Be Ending

...... Since P ate a piece of hot dog!! We bribed him with a pudding cup, but hey whatever works. Not that I necessarily want him to want to eat more than 2 entire hot dogs in a sitting like Emma does and since hot dogs are so not healthy anyway, but at least he is not the only kid on Earth never to have eaten a hot dog anymore.

I thought that big news deserved a second blog post in one day!


We had our first soccer practice today. I double and triple checked and it wasn't cancelled. I said let's get ready for soccer, but P said it was cancelled. It took convincing from mommy that it was still on. He didn't do too bad. Not really getting the "don't pick up the ball concept" but overall I think he did ok. Has a good long kick, still working on our short game. There was an annoying girl in his group that everytime he did anything good or bad she had to yell it out to the coach, but guess that's the way things go. It was still pretty windy and cold today, so he went again in his soccer stocking hat, sweats, shin guards and even soccer underwear. Right at the end a kid accidentally kicked a ball into his shoulder (the kid said sorry), but then Parker came over to me and said I'm tired, I want to go home. Practice was over so then in the van he says let's go to the park, so then we played there for a half hour and probably would have stayed longer if it wasn't for the need of a potty break.

Daddy's girl and Daddy ventured to Menards for some guy stuff. Daddy also got her some pink Looney Tunes pullups since he is suddenly a daddy on a mission to get her potty trained. Good luck with that! They just went outside to play with him, so since I have a few mintues thought I'd write.

Might try to go to the circus this weekend, but it's either mid afternoon or evening. In the afternoon Emma is sleeping and in the evening Parker is ready for bed, so we'll see.

On our computer anyway, to see the pics better if you right click and then click Refresh Quality on Picture you can seen them better.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

On a Roll!

Add grapes to the list of new foods Parker has tried now. Emma loves grapes, but stores them up like a chipmunk. We didn't make them eat roast tonight!

Parker's latest obsession is a hand held Connect 4 game that Roofs got him. He's getting really good at it, I think he beats the computer more times than I do. He likes to run the kitchen timer (his bday present from Gma Beymer) while playing Connect 4. (I'd have done the exact same thing as a child, he's a game nerd like me)

Emma got a little tot spot type Barbie chair from a friend from works daughter that she couldn't use anymore. It's covered in flowers and I was afraid it'd give E a heart attack. (My new tablecloth covered in flowers about did). She loved it. When Daddy said Emma did you get a new Barbie chair, she said sternly"No daddy, it's a flower chair."

On an up note I was able to get Parker's chocolate pudding lip print off the butt of my pants from yesterday. Still trying to get the chocolate ice cream out of Emma's shirt from a different day. I hate stains, they win almost every time.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Exciting food news at our house tonight. They each ate a small piece of roast. This was a huge deal and Steve and I clapped and said how proud we were they tried it. Parker especially feels very proud of himself whenever something like this happens. Last night he tried a few pieces of corn, although it was a no go on the meatloaf for either of them and they freaked out, so they got some "quiet"times in there room. Emma lately is usually a little stinker at suppertime, ahhh...two years old....

All headed to the grocery store tonight, the kids love to go. Didn't even get upset when the car carts were taken.

Sunday P sang in church and even wore his shirt and tie. It didn't trap him this time. During practice he was really up there shaking it. He starting grooving during church and then this kid that annoys him stood by him, so he kept the shaking to a minimum after that. All 4 of us even managed to sit thru church. There were so many kids there that only the people in the back could her Emma's non-church voice. Emma was also dressed up in her new pink jean miniskirt, a ponytail and her pink butterfly purse. Unfortunately didn't have the camera to take a pic of Emma saying, "I'm so cute!" Did get a pic of P in his tie and will post another time.

Well Amazing Race is on...gotta go!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sad Soccer

Well we (mommy included) were all excited for our first soccer practice today. This was his first "organized" sports practice besides the tumbling he's taken thru Parks and Rec. It was terribly cold and windy here yesterday and the wind isn't as bad today, but it's still cold out. I didn't think to call and check their machine, so when we got there it said it was cancelled. While I was there, 5 other minivans pulled up, so I don't think any of us thought it would be cancelled. He had his soccer ball stocking hat, soccer shin guards (which he loves thank goodness), layers of clothing and our soccer ball, we were ready! So when we came home we played a bit outside. It is really cold out there, so probably good it was canceled, but I think Mommy was even more upset then Parker was! He didn't want his picture taken, so I'll try again next week.

Potty update or lack there of.... She's pretty much soaked all of undies this morning....

Off to my hometown today for a bridal shower, I love driving when it's windy... NOT!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Shake Your Booty

Parker had crafts class at Parks and Rec tonight, so the Daddy, Mommy and Emma headed to Walmart to kill time. On the way she starts singing, "Shake your booty, Shake your booty downtown" and starts to wiggle in her seat. Between each line taking breaks to alert us of what color the stop lights were and what they meant. (According to Parker yellow means gun it and Emma said it means slow down). Anyway, Emma loves to wear her big girl Care Bear underwear (over her diaper). I told her she can pick out new underwear if she goes on the potty. She was very excited when she saw all of the underwear at the store, but we explained no new underwear till there is some potty action. I need to stop being so lazy and work with her on it. She's a smart little stinker but also stubborn, so of course she wants things to happen on her own sweet time. After picking up P from class (they learned about trees and he painted a picture), we treated the kids to chicken nuggets and French Fries. While waiting for Daddy at McD's, Emma started singing ABCDEFGHIJK ELMO P, QRXTCBWXYZ! She loves to sing and seems to pick up any song fast. Parker is really starting to love to sing too (of course only when he feels like it). He loves singing to the Doodlebops and he's singing at church on Sunday with his class.

Raining like crazy here, no outside time for the kids again!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tired and Cranky

All four of us are tired and cranky tonight. Apparently all of this fresh air is wearing us out! Other than that not much happening around here. Well back to watching the Doodlebops.....

Two Words

Doodlebops suck!

Weirdest, most annoying kids show ever. It is new this week on Disney and the kids love it. Especially Parker... Emma usually just ends up having to like what Parker watches. It's not a cartoon, but people dressed up in weird costumes. It's really freaking Steve out.

Amazing Race - was bummed at who lost tonight, I always thought they were hilarious.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Soccer Obsession

More of the same today after we got home from work, soccer, soccer, soccer! He even did better today with not getting upset when he missed it. Emma was a bit of a cranky butt tonight, but then one of neighbors stopped by on one of their horses and she was thrilled to see Molly the neigh-neigh. I've got to try to find him some of those skin thingies before practice starts Saturday. Also headed back "home" for a bridal shower and bachelorette party Saturday afternoon. Not sure yet if I'll be ambitious and take the kids with to the shower or take the easy way out and leave them home with daddy!

What's The Starting Bid on Buying the Children, Please!

Daddy and Emma went shopping while P and I were at Sunday School today. Emma needed some new church shoes. She said she didn't like anyone of them (both kids like to argue just for the sake of arguing most of the time), but eventually he just picked some cute white sandals. He also picked up Parker a soccer ball. He starts Tiny Kickers next Saturday. We spent a lot of today outside kicking the ball. It was gorgeous outside today, actually got really hot out. He has a pretty good kick for not having any older brothers to show him the ropes and neither Steve nor I are very athletic.

Tonight our church was having an auction to raise money for a trip the youth are going on. The kids of course lost interest in a fairly short amount of time, so they spent time playing in the rocks right outside where we were seating. Towards the end though they took off to the other side of the church, so we were glad the auction was about over. We missed a couple good deals because of chasing the kids around, but in the end we did bid on and win some babysitting services. She's babysit for us in the past, sucker!!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'll go with Daddy, Emma can go with Mommy

After asking all week if he could go fishing, Parker and Daddy headed out in the boat last night. He was very excited to go. I made Steve take the camera and he was able to get a couple pictures of him catching his fish. He reeled it in and everything, even with a fancy adult reel. Daddy said they had just hit a good spot on the lake when P had to pee. They headed back to shore to use the bathroom and when they got there it was locked. Parker said "We need to get a key." So instead P got to pee on a tree. He's not real big on the idea of doing his business outside yet, but guess when you gotta go, you gotta go. I asked him when they got back how many fish he caught and he said sadly "Two, but I wanted to catch three fish." He sometimes gets upset when he feels like he loses and didn't do things the way he planned to.

While he was fishing, Emma said she wanted to go with Mommy in the van. So we headed to town and stopped at the library. The minute she walked in, in her gigantic Emma voice she yells, "Wow, look at all the books!" Then she saw the painted animals chairs and was very excited to see them as well. I told her we need to talk quietly in the library, so she did tone her shouting down a little. Emma is still working on getting an "inside" voice. We then stopped at the park and ended up being there for almost 2 hours. No pics since Steve had the camera :-( She has no fear, so was climbing all over everything. She loves it when there are other kids around to play with. She was filthy, sweaty and had a great time. She kept yelling, "I'm having fun!" Finally convinced her to head home. She has nice, fresh bruises on her legs today. It rained a bit here today, but cleared off and the kids were able to get outside for awhile today too. I think there favorite activity is play hide and seek with Cooper. I'm not so sure that's Cooper favorite activity.

I even acted somewhat domestic today and just got done making cookies. Got a couple books at the library for me, so am already half way thru one and hoping to finish up tonight. I have a hard time putting a book down if it's interesting.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

An Apple A Day

Emma loves apples. Daddy always carefully peels and cuts them up for her. He says, "She can't eat the skins yet, she's too little." Well tonight she got out a huge Golden Delicious and bite right in. She ate all of it and I had to take it away from her before she ate the core. Parker will eat his required bite or two at supper but that's it. She should have a full belly tonight when she sleeps. Parker actually ate chicken that wasn't in nugget form the other night. We kept explaining it was the same just without the coating, but he disagreed. He did finally eat a couple bites and then I think was pretty proud of himself. He's getting good about trying new things even if it's just a bite. Emma is hit or miss. But judging from her "womenly" figure she's not starving! I'm pooped so no more blogging tonight. I will say that I talked my sister into setting up a blog. She has the funniest kids and they are so photogenic!

Monday, April 11, 2005

It's Raining it's Pouring....

Has rained most of the day. Have a pretty good rain/wind storm going on right now. Parker couldn't understand tonight why he couldn't go outside. Usually he wants to stay inside, so of course when he can't, then it sounds like a good idea. He informed me tonight that I'm being too weird and I need to stop that. Steve said he also let out a big burp tonight and said, "I sound just like Katie!" Kate is our sitter's teenage daugheter. Guess they either learn this stuff at daycare or at school! Steve said Emma was in the family room playing with her dolls and he heard her say, "Hi Emma. Hi Mom. Hi Doodlebug." She was doing the voices and my nickname for her is doodlebug. Too cute.

Late afternoon on Sunday we headed to Banner Lake, a new state park near our house. Daddy and the kids were going to try a little fishing. We have one little kid pole and both of them love to use it. They even took turns. They just don't understand that you need to leave your bait in the water for awhile. They also both want to cast, so the bait and hook were taken off fairly soon after we got there. Daddy did catch a bass and a few bluegill type fish. He had a pretty good sized bass on his line, but it came off. The kids even touched the fish and thought it was pretty cool. The camera is in the truck, so until it stops raining, I won't be posting any fish pics!

P did inform us that next time he and daddy will go in the boat, he'll wear his orange vest and Mommy and Emma will stay home. Okey dokey then!

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Friday, April 08, 2005

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There was a lot of fog this morning when we left around seven. The door was open to the garage and when we went to get into the van Parker said, "Mom it's froggy and slippery outside!" Then of course not to be outdone, Emma says (looking down the lane at the mailbox), "Oh, no! How will the mail get here?" Apparently she was worried how Grandpa the mailman would be able to deliver mail! Then we got to Lauri's and I asked Parker to tell her what it looks like outside and he said, "Smoke."

Poor little E's heels are slowly healing due to my shoe stupidity. The kids have spent a lot of time on Lauri's trampoline and P got in trouble today because he was tripping all of the little kids while they were on the trampoline.... so P got no more trampoline time. Must be something in the air, as I hear his cousin Peyton was a handful today too.

E and I went up to visit daddy in the garden tonight and Emma bent down and picked up a clover and said, "A four leaf clover!" Where does she learn all of this stuff at?

Got promoted to an accountant this week at work. Steve asked what it meant and I said a bigger cube and an extra chair. He laughed, but those things are actually status symbols where I work. Ahh, corporate America!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I feel like McD's tonight

Parker developed a fascination with McDonald's this weekend. Neither ask very often for McD's or BK, but for whatever reason all he could talk about was McD's and he kept saying ok, let's go. Steve is gone tonight so I told him we'd go tonight if they were good at daycare that day. He was so excited to go. I was talking to Lauri before we left and he kept coming back and smiling saying, Mom are you ready t go? I treated them to Happy Meals (Chicken Nuggets of course). Usually they just split an adult meal, since they never care too much about the toys. It was Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc and they have been watching that movie again lately, so they were pretty excited to get them. They were actually pretty cool for a happy meal toy. He loves playing the air hockey table, but as usual after we're there a bit, bigger kids take over and he doesn't get to play again. He did try playing with a couple different kids, but when he lost I could tell he was getting upset, so I convinced him to do something else. At McD's E is able to get up in the tubes by herself so she had a blast. They also both love the Nintendo games, but dont' know how to play any of them. He has pretty much mastered the ones at daycare though. After about an hour P said he was ready to go, so of course Emma scampered up to the top of the tubes. Luckily when she came down, she said, I'm ready to go, so I didn't have to take her kicking and screaming. Then on the way home they eat their food, that's usually the way they eat fast food it seems.

Worst mother ever, I put Emma's dress shoes on Sunday without socks and now she has terrible raw spots on the back of her heels. I'm hoping she forgives me :-(

I've got to get up earlier tomorrow, so I think I'll head to bed. Daylight savings time has zapped me and the kids!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Not much

Right now the kids are enjoying some popcorn and watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. Steve still likes to watch those! Keeping the kids up a little later because of the time change. Neither wanted to get up today, ok neither did I!

We hooked up our "extra" brand-new DVR player we had. Don't ask don't tell as to how we got it. But we had to call them to have them do something so it would run, but all the lady said was I'm not going to ask how you have that and laughed. Usually when you call there, they treat you like dirt. I have a fresh 100 hours now to tape, already programming the Scooby Doo for P and the Thomas the Train for E!

Marnie's sister Heather is one of the funniest people I've ever met. The three of us don't get together very often, but when we do it's a hoot. She also just started a blog.

Well better get the little ones to bed.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

It's a Sad Day

Our DVR is "officially" out of commission. Also, can't even watch anything on the dish that's live, because the machine keeps kicking off and on. I love technology!! I haven't experienced too many withdrawl symptoms yet. Although I may actually clean or scrapbook this week, since there is nothing else to do.

Long time no blog, but hasn't been anything too exciting to report around here. Yesterday I went scrapbooking with my friend Marnie We actually both got a quite bit done (once we found the place), which is pretty amazing for us. We seemed to have kept our yapping in check this time. I should post some pages I did, but that would involve work on my part!

The kids "helped" Daddy garden outside.yesterday when I was gone. They also enjoyed rolling around in the tent. Parker at first didn't want to go outside, but after Daddy locked the doors and wouldn't let him back in the house and after a meltdown, he then played outside for a couple hours and didn't want to go back in. Emma insisted she wasn't tired and didn't need a nap and when they came for a drink, Steve left the room for a minute and Emma was zonked out on the chair.

Today Grandma and Grandpa Hansen came for a visit this afternoon. I think Parker wore grandma ragged by the marathon game of Sorry! Parker squeaked out a win, but it was a close one! The kids also got out their bubbles after they left and had a great time. They have been watching Blues Clues tapes since Parker can't watch Scooby Doo right now. They are loving it, so it's actually kind of nice that I can see something else beside Thomas or Scooby on TV right now.