Thursday, June 30, 2005

Donuts for Dessert

Steve made chicken breasts and creamed potatoes and peas tonight. Since they love chicken and potatoes in nuggest and mashed form, we said they could eat this tonight. Of course both acted like it was the plague. Emma the chipmunk stored a couple pieces in her cheek after daddy put some of it in her mouth. She did eat one pea also, but then made a face since they were fresh from the garden instead of canned. She did not get dessert as she was not a good girl at the table. Parker first acted really sad and didn't want to eat any of it, especially the peas. He eventually did agree to try one bite of chicken and we said that if he ate his chicken and potatoes, then he could have dessert. He asked for donuts. Steve shot me a look like, "We don't have donuts???" I wasn't worried. P ate all of his food and was very proud of himself for trying something different. I then proceeded to give him the dessert he wanted....a donut! It's actually half a bagel, that's what the kids call a donut. He was very excited and wolfed in down. So in the end, he didn't have a dessert anyway. Sneaky mom!

Not so humid here tonight. The kids played outside for quite awhile after we came home. They played long enough to get a bunch of sand in their hair!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Girls Night Out

The last weekend in July my sisters, mom and I are heading to Council Bluffs for a girl's, gambling, a movie and eating. This will be so much fun and I'm sure we'll be hoarse from all the talking. I think the Hansens have stuff every weekend until sometime in August. I kind of like to be busy though, I hate being trapped in the house all weekend.

P had another TBall practice last night. I missed the last half as I went to a Stampin UP party (not sure if Steve has seen the $ damage yet). Steve said he did pretty good. He's getting good at fielding and is throwing overhand. He hasn't grasped the whole concept of baseball, but he's getting there.

Tonight we all ran to the store. The kids get the biggest kick out of shopping. I've never seen kids so excited to see Cheerios. I can see them one day at Fareway, Parker as the bag boy and Emma is the teen girl the older guys ogle.

We're planning to take the kids to Thomas when it comes to Boone in September. Emma will literally probably blow a gasket. Trying to figure out when to go, as E's bday party is around the same time and also a Crop for the Cure and Fall Festival in Exira. Plus I'm sure soccer will be in there too!

Not much else to report, pretty boring around here! We are all excited for the weekend. Better go find the matching Hansen shirts!

Monday, June 27, 2005

The Crocodiles Have Left the Building!

Parker woke up this morning so excited that Spiderman had kept him safe from the crocodiles.... Best $2 I ever spent! He's had these bumps (kind of like skin tags) on the left side of his tummy for quite awhile. (Emma has one on her arm and calls it a muscle). I think he's been itching them or something, because lately they are red and sometimes scabby (sorry to be gross). He told us today that is where the crocodiles were biting him. I said they should go away then since Spiderman is keeping him safe, so hopefully he'll stop itching them (but I never see him messing with them). I'll have Lauri peek at them and see if a doctor should look at these "crocodile bites." He said that my red dots (moles) are also from crocodiles. What's weird is that is the exact same spot Emma has her furry spot on her tummy. Apparently all the chocolate or caffeine from when I was pregnant is the culprit!

Both kids were in the pool a bunch today and then would come in to cool down for a bit and then they were at it again. Emma has not been very tantrum oriented lately so that's been nice. Maybe we're over that already??? (wishful thinking I'm sure)

Not much else to report. I did forget to post that Friday night I was at Walmart and some old guy came up and started telling me about his underwear. He was unhappy that WM didn't carry them anymore since the last time he bought some was 7-8 years ago. He opened up his drawer and noticed most of them have holes and that one pair won't stay up because the elastic broke, so he figured it was time for new ones. I"m not sure if he was married or not, but if he is, she's one lucky woman! (Maybe Alan Funt was nearby??) I just kind of stood there nodding. He was a distance from me, so now sure if he smelled of stinky old man or not. Then I ran over to grab some pretzels and cereal and who has the sample person cornered right by the cereal??? Underwear man! So I skipped the cereal... Steve and Parker will just have to wait on their Toast Crunch!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Spiderman's Superpowers and Horsey Tails

Well my week of vacation is now nearing an end. From what I've heard there has been drama at work (as usual), so will probably take me half of Monday morning to get caught up!

Today was our work party at Adventureland. I woke up at 5:30 (thanks to Parker) and could hear the thunder and rain. It wasn't looking good. We got everyone dressed and decided to head out and see what happened. Emma wanted to wear a "horsey" tail, but then of course changed her mind and went with her hair down, but what's new? It stopped raining on our way there and it couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Of course still a bit hot, but I don't think as bad as it has been earlier this week. The kids had a blast... riding the carousel, the train, the boats, the balloon ride etc. Our work lunch came with chocolate milk, so they were thrilled as well and then they mowed down on cookies and popcorn before we left. I think I've figured out why I keep needing to buy bigger pants, our work functions come with tons of food. We didn't do strollers or wagons, since it would have been P that wanted in the stroller anyway and E would have wanted to walk everywhere. They got tuckered at the end, but overall acted great. Neither never ran off, but do get distracted a bit. And of course I asked P did he need a potty break, he said no and then two minutes later in a line, oops gotta go! On the way home he wanted to go to Sonic and eat a hamerger (hamburger). Yeah, right. Then later tonight he and Emma both told me, let's go to Sonic tomorrow and have nuggets and fries. It must be a conspiracy. They've never even been there, but I'm guessing he thinks Sonic is related to a video game. Anyway, he fell asleep on the way home and slept from probably 2:30 to 6 (and was dry when we woke up). Emma didn't even have a nap (did have quiet time for about an hour), so they were kind of reversed today.

Emma was kind of happy about the no nap thing, since she got to watch Thomas as much as she wanted until he got up. They were good and smelly/sweaty so I did baths. I treated them to Spiderman and My Little Pony Bubble Bath (it was on sale and we'll just refill with the cheap stuff). They were both so excited. Each came with a bath toy and they played forever with them tonight. Spiderman and Pony were playing hide-n-seek in the tub. Emma didn't even scream when I dried her hair. It was about 8, so I went ahead and put them to bed. I knew she'd be tired. I didn't figure he'd be so I talked with him for awhile in bed. He was telling me about his crocodiles. They drive a van like mine, but it's green. They are grey and yellow and sleep on his pillow. Somehow we got on the topic about Spiderman's powers against crocodiles and I said he will protect him at night, so maybe we could leave the light off and close the blinds tonight. He said Sure! These crocodiles have been bothering him for a few months now (only at our house) so he's been sleeping with the light on, so I made a big deal about how proud of him I was. I said Cooper keeps my crocodiles away and he said Marshmallow helps him with the crocodiles too, by swatting at them with his tale.

I know they said/did some other funny stuff I can't think of right now, but Adventureland wore me out too, so I'm off to bed.

Friday, June 24, 2005

I went to Bible School!

Poor Emma was upset again this morning that she couldn't go to Bible School. We have been listening to the CD of songs in the van and at home this week. Both kids have picked right up on them. On the way to the program tonight, both of them were singing the songs at the top of their lungs having a great time. We got there plenty early and both were dancing with the teacher's kids before the program when they were testing the music. We realized there was no way that Emma was going to stay in her seat while the program was going on, since she knows the songs, so of course up she went. She had on Parker's zebra visor and he had on his tshirt and necklace he made this week. She rocked out with everyone else. She moved around alot, but she was mostly in the back. We could here on the one part, singing louder than anyone else. P did great too. He's was so proud of himself for knowing the words I think. They then got monkey tatoos and cookies afterwards, so they were in heaven. There was a tent set up in a room (safari theme VBS) and Emma went in and said, "Children, come play with me!" Emma so excited that she got to go to "Bible School." Then on the way home she got upset because it was over, but it was past bedtime so didn't have to listen to her too long. Parker of course, went to bed without a problem. He seems to be over his morning sleep ins. For the last week now, when Steve is in the shower he wakes up and tells me to get up. Emma has been sleeping in, so next week could be interesting.

We're off to Adventureland on Saturday for my work party. Kids should have a blast. Hoping to get there right when it opens, so we don't have to wait in too many lines. There is a train ride and both will love it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

As the Wednesday Turns

Poor Parker, he once again waited for Emma to get up so they could swim. It was ripping hot outside and I wanted to wait till the sun wasn't quite so bright. She was still zonking, so he ran around squirting the hose for awhile. I finally got her up and eventually she was ready to swim once daddy got home. They got out the Spiderman sprinkler and had a blast. So glad Steve was out in the heat and not me! Had a couple minor tantrums with Emma, but after she calms down she realizes she shouldn't have done it. Parker and I rocked out to the new VBS CD tonight. He's learned so many of the words already and they've only had a couple 20 minute practices. He played his drums while I strummed guitar and sometimes daddy was on the keys. He has pretty good rhythm already, I'm hoping both kids are musical! VBS program is tomorrow night and it should be entertaining... poor E really wants to go to VBS. Parker keeps saying that Marshmallow is up in the sky hunting. He seems to be ok with it now.... whew!

Where a Kid Can Be A Kid (apparently without adult supervision)

Well we are back from our whirlwind morning. Kids of course got up early (since there was no reason for them to) and we bathed and got gussied up to visit my workplace today. I had Emma is her little denim mini (waiting for her mop-o-hair to air dry before we left) when... of course, she soaks it. I had put a pullup on and apprarently she peed right around the pull up. She ran around with out a diaper on for a long time this morning before that and no accidents. About the same time as the soaking, I'm getting P dressed when E comes in carrying the strawberry syrup, because she wants red milk. Of course, got it in her hair and on her shirt. So we put a jumper/skirt thing to cover up the shirt and off we went. They loved the parking garage (because of the number on the walls) and then we went on the alligator (elevator). P loved it, E was a bit scared and then they were excited when we went to number 8. E was a bit shy, but both warmed up and talked a bit. They also ate a bunch of Tootsie Rolls while they were there.

Then off we went to McD's, it was $1.59 Happy Meal Day. In hindsight, should have gotten those to go! You take a McD's on the southside (crusty), a BUNCH of kids and a few parents/adults, warm weather and $1.59 H Meals and it's chaos! We got there at 11:30 and we managed to find the last table. There is some McD's guy running around making sure all kids have socks on, but apparently they don't care when there are junior high kids up in the tubes racing and trampling all the little kids. (I thought about complaining, but don't think it woudl have mattered, plus E is actually too young for the playland yet.) Also apparently every little kid there, liked to do that high pitched squeal scream. My kids are by no means angels, but they no not to push a little kid down the slide because they aren't going fast enough or budging in line for the Nintendo games. Of course the parents are busy ignoring everything. E didn't seem phased by the noise or chaos and went up in the tubes anyway. P pretty much played Nintendo most of the time. There was a Tigger game that he could play (I don't understand how he knows how the buttons work already). He loves to play table hockey, but of course large crusty kids hogging as usual. We stayed till 1 and then actually left without incident. Emma kept saying, those kids were loud and yelling.

E is now down for a snooze and P is watching Garfield reruns. Emma calls Garfields food, Basagna (lasagna). Planning to get in the pool later, but it's sooooo hot right now. I think we'll wait till E gets up when the sun isn't so bright.

Serious 'Tude!

I know it's only a stage, but this Emma attitude is getting old! P had VBS again this morning (he's loving rocking out to the songs) and I gave him the option on the way home that he could either play at Lauri's for the afternoon or go home with me and we'd pick Emma up. I was planning anyway to pick them up by 3 or so, so that they could swim before TBall. He chose Mom, so we stopped to get Emma. When we got home Steve was there because he had been working nearby and was there for lunch. Emma then began freaking out over everything like usual. She didn't like the show that was on TV, didn't want daddy to leave, didn't want to eat etc. A terrible tantrum, so I tried a variety of things. Ignoring her, yelling back, swat on the keester and finally went with the: you're going down for a nap then. This whole time Parker is finding this kind of amusing, especially the swat on the butt part. What's so frustrating is then all of a sudden she'll be in the best mood ever for the rest of the day. This was probably about 12:30 or so. After she calmed down a bit I gave her the option of coming downstairs for lunch or staying upstairs. She said I'm tired, I want to take a nap. P and I hung out then doing a variety of things (all the while me trying not to nod off) and he wanted to swim. E wasn't up yet but should be soon, so he went outside. Checked on her, still sleeping. After awhile P went to "check" on her and woke her up.... she went back to sleep. Later I went in and made a bunch of noise, woke up and went back to sleep. Finally at about 5 Daddy woke her up. She's probably still awake upstairs now, she can't possibly be tired. P had TBall tonight and was excited for it. He did better than last week, but TBall is so slow moving that by the end of the 50 minutes, I think what made him the happiest was running the water cooler. He gets easily distracted when nothing is going on. He did great at fielding the ball, just need to work on the throwing. E was busy making new friends. She found two "babies" to play with. They were smaller then her, so therefore they are "babies."

I'm home with the kiddies tomorrow (no VBS for Parker and Lauri is off) so I think we're heading to my work to visit and then going to McD's playland in Des Moines. If we get there early, maybe we can avoid some of the skanks and annoying people there. The pool has been refilled so after E's snooze, hopefully can swim some more. Thursday is then VBS again in the morning and program that night. Nothing on Friday, so planning to have some time to myself. I will get at least one nap in before I go back to work next week!

Monday, June 20, 2005

We've got a new animal at our house

A Dyson Animal that is!!! Our old vac, bless it's heart, has not worked worth a **** for quite a while. I about threw my back out, just trying to vacuum one room the other day. Steve is in love. He was testing out all of the attachments on different stuff in the living room tonight.

As for Marshmallow, we figured the kids would be asking where he is. Since we were gone this weekend, they didn't really think about it till now. Tonight they ate outside on their little picnic table (that's the one I found in a ditch) and they started looking for Kitty Marshmallow. We said he wasn't here anymore and Parker started to cry. We explained he went the heaven and that sometimes you aren't able to say goodbye before things go to heaven. Emma then cried because Parker cried. P wanted to leave food in his dish so he'd come back. We left out the gruesome details that he got hit by a car. I also didn't mention we might get a dog, since that wouldn't happen till at least after vacation next month.

Today was the first day of Bible School. He's only going Mon, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. He's still in the 3 yr old class and they don't go every day. He was kind of quiet and sad when we got there and said he didn't want to go, that he wanted to go to Lauri's. I said I'd sit with him for awhile. Ended up staying since there were 13 in his class and more adults were needed. He didn't want to participate at first and then all of a sudden he snapped out of it and was ready to work on his craft, whew! He didn't cling on after that, but I did draw a lion for him as we are still struggling over trying to get him to draw or color. He did ask me a couple times when was it over, but on the way home he said, "Mom, I love Bible School."

Emma is continuing on her potty streak. It's kind of hit and miss and if we don't ask her to go, she generally just goes in her diaper, but if you sit her own, she goes and is very proud of herself. Yesterday at a picnic with Steve's side, Emma even peed outside twice. I was trying to get her to squat, but then P went standing up, so she had to too. Emma was a bit of a stinker for awhile at the picnic, not wanting Parker to get near "her" slide. She is very vocal when she doesn't get her way and it can get frustrating. She did snap out of it and then was fine the rest of the day. Parker was in the best mood most of the day.

Going backwards to Saturday, in the morning he had zoo class. This was Parker's day to be a stinker. He went to zoo class last year and the first couple of times he was very quiet and didn't want to do much there. He then loved it by the end. This was the first one this year. We go to the zoo a few times a year and P&E have a certain direction/system that they go when they get there. P and I did not follow that on our way to class, so that immediately upset him. It was a bit embarassing since every other kid was coloring their lion name tag but mine. He did make another picture and was happier with that, since he had me draw a train on it. We then walked around the zoo afterwards and he was fine.

Both have been crankier than usual lately and fighting more with each other. I don't think either have been getting enough sleep lately, plus being outside when it's hot wears them out faster. Of course the last couple days when both could sleep in, they were up early. 5:30 this morning for P. Now next week, we'll be dragging them out of bed again.

We headed to a wedding Saturday night. I was terrified to take little Miss E, a.k.a girl with no inside voice and Mr. P, a.k.a boy with ants in his pants. We actually sat for about an hour without no large outbursts. P was antsy, but at least it was a quiet antsy. Both wanted to sit on my lap at the same time, but managed to avoid a yelling match since E wanted on Grandma's lap instead. Went to the reception for awhile with the kids. They didn't do too bad for them, but after about 4 hours of wedding stuff, they were getting cranky and P did not want the lights dim and tried to turn them back on during the dance, oops. Poor things, they got tooters to blow, but then we wouldn't let them blow them because it wasn't time yet, then there was music, but wouldn't let them dance yet and then there was cake, but wouldn't let them eat it yet (and no candles on it, Parker thought it was a birthday cake.) Then headed across the street for a beer afterwards. Still back to R and J's before 1 in the morning.... so we still are pretty boring.

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, but when you procrastinate on posting, I guess that's what happens. Going to Adventureland this Saturday with the kids for my work party, then back to Exira the weekend after that for the 4th and then the week after that headed to Branson. I am sooooo ready for a vacation!

Friday, June 17, 2005

May They Rest in Peace

This has NOT been a good week for animals at our house. Coopie is fine, thank goodness (annoying as ever, but all ours!). Pulled out to go to work today and Marshmallow had been run over in front of our house. It had to have happened within the last 20 minutes before that as he wasn't there when Steve left. I had the kids with me, so I didn't stop to get out and didn't let them know I saw him. I felt bad leaving him there (I'm pretty sure he was dead), but I had the kids with me. Lauri was very bummed too, since he'd been sharing homes between the two of us. I probably should have come back and checked on him, but Steve had already left and I wouldn't have known what to do with him. Poor thing. He was annoying, but we'd all gotten pretty attached. He was great with the kids and let them chase him all over. Emma had just tried to get him to go down the slide the other day. Cooper won't have a sparring partner either now. I guess we can use this as a lesson for the kids not going down by the road. (Emma went down to get the mail yesterday, it scared the heck out of me)

We also lost our fish this week. We'd had 3 fish forever. Especially the one head and tail light. They were in that huge tank and Emma loved them, so we decided last weekend to run to Walmart and get them some friends. A few days later, they have all died from something. It looked like they got bubbly things all over them. Before the kids I had tried that as well and lost my favorite big sucky fish and some others. Both times were Walmart fish, you'd think I'd learn my lesson. I made Steve put the fish tank away. I think we'll just get her a goldfish, much easier!

I've decided that's it's time to get a dog, since we are having bad luck with other kinds of pets. I want in indoor/outdoor dog, he wants an outdoor dog, so we'll see who wins! We're thinking about getting one from the no-kill shelter in town.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kitties and Horses and Crocodiles, Oh My!

After days and days (ok weeks and weeks) of either trying to convince her to go, or her just sitting there for a half hour with nothing happening (she generally did this before bedtime so she could stay up later), we had potty action tonight! I had decided to bribe her with an actual gift, instead of just everytime she sees something at the store I say, go potty and that can be your treat. A card store I went to today had a sale, so I got her a pink kitty purse and a pink Beanie Baby pony (she calls it a unicorn). I wrapped it up and said if you go potty, you get to open it. She sat down and kept saying, "Come on pee pee, come out!" She kept trying with no success. Then she said, "Mommy, I went. " I hadn't heard anything and she's said this before... but lo and behold, I heard it a little bit. I asked if she was done, but she said "No, I'm going pee pee like Claire. (Her friend from daycare). She went some more and was soooo proud of herself and I was too. We went outside to tell daddy and then she got to open her present. She loved it, especially the horse. She said Cooper could use the kitty purse. Right now she's upstairs in bed with them, talking to them, telling them to go potty. And it sounds like one of them stole her drink...she's so funny with her stories.

Parker has been such a bear to get up lately. We've gone back to putting him to bed at 7:30, but that hasn't helped. When he used to wake up at 5 in the morning, I just wished he'd sleep longer. Now I got my wish, but now he doesn't want to get up. He sneaks back to bed after you get him up. Of course on the weekend, he'll probably be up at the crack of dawn. Next week I'm off work and he's going to Bible School in the morning, so maybe he can get caught up on some sleep. He's also been into wearing red tshirts, guess I should have bought more than two!

He still seems to be scared of the crocodiles. He said they sit on his pillow when he goes to sleep, so he still has the blind up and the night light on. He never wakes up screaming or anything though. I promised him that we wouldn't let the crocodiles get him, but apparently he doesn't believe us!

He had craft class tonight and made a ladybug and a bug house. I can't believe he was willing to touch a live bug. He got scared of those last year after he kept getting bit my mosquitoes and had a couple ticks in his hair. Emma always want to go to class, poor thing, she doesn't have to wait much longer. Emma and I have started shopping together when he's at class. We hit Goodwill and Dollar General, because Walmart gets too expensive when I'm just trying to kill time. No great deals for the kids tonight at Goodwill, but did get a pair of Khakis for $5 for me and a white tshirt for $1 for a Bible School craft at Dollar General.

That's about all to report at the moment. Need to start getting stuff together since we're heading back home this weekend. Parker has zoo class Saturday morning and then the Freestar is on it's way.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Batter, Batter, Swing!

P had his first TBall practice tonight. I was a little worried as he was extremely grumpy all day and very weepy before we left. I have been trying to show him how to wear a glove, but he hasn't been interested. We got there and he perked up, put his glove on and off he went. He really didn't understand what was going on most of the time, but seemed to like it ok. TBall to me is kind of slow moving, so I'm not sure if he's going to be interested in the future or not. They had to hit the ball off the tee and he didn't do so well, but he's used to hitting it off a pitch and really can clobber it then. He then ran the bases after hitting it and looked really cute in his helmet and proceeded to pass first base and went right into the dug out. He was so clueless that is was cute!

Emma stayed home with daddy and "helped" him pick strawberries. Steve asked me, "Does she ever shut up?" She just kept asking questions and talking about everything there were doing. Guess she takes after us Beymers girls in running our mouths.

I saw the top name lists for boys and girls in 2004, and Emma has over taken Emily as #1. Guess I should have named her something else, but I think she looks like an Emma! Parker was #95, so hopefully there won't be too many in his class.

Not much else happening around here out of the ordinary. I should do something productive, but will probably just sit on my duff.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Locksmith Anyone??

Since the kids always know I'm the last one up on the weekends, they come in to wake me up and play on the bed. We were laying there a bit and Parker jumps up and says, "I'll look the bedroom door." There isn't one, so he went over to our bathroom and said, "I'll lock this one instead." Click and he pulled the door shut behind him. I hadn't showered or gotten ready yet and had no idea how to get the door open. So we did not make it to the early service at church today. I looked around for awhile for a flat headed screwdriver, super small. Couldn't find one and a steak knife was too big, so I finally used the cheap, white Pioneer knife to unlock it. We then all got ready and headed to church without any other incidents.

Emma was all excited because she saw a red bird out on the feeder. "Mommy, Mommy, look at the pretty red bird." I said, "Emma that's a cardinal." She shook her head and said, "No mommy, that's a red bird." She's such a know-it-all :-)

Daddy is headed out fishing soon. Can't say I blame him as he's basically had the kids to himself the last couple days. Mom is in charge so that'll probably mean popcorn, computer games or a movie. We had a brief shower and now it'll probably get super muggy. Might wait till later in the afternoon to let them swim.

P's Big Pee Adventure

I was out with Marnie and Heather today scrapbooking and shopping, so Dad was in charge. The weather was decent enough that the kids spent hours out in the pool today. Parker ending up pulling "it" out twice and peeing right where he was (he likes to aim at one of our little trees) and of course while this happened, our new neighbors were outside both times. This aren't the same neighbors Parker went to when he was missing for while the other day and I didn't know it. I guess Emma was a bit of a pistol today and wouldn't eat lunch and then laid upstairs for a couple hours and wouldn't take a nap. She crashed and burned around 6 tonight and I guess she immediately passed out in bed.

Found out my friend Marnie is having a boy, way cool! Wish I could have unloaded my girl clothes, but now holding out for Roni to have a girl. If she doesn't then someone else please and soon, the closet is getting full!

Posting some pics since I haven't in awhile. Hopefully they won't be too small. Still trying to figure out this "bleepin" picture thing. The one of her in the wind is from about a month ago at moms and the other two pics of the kids are from within the last week.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Batter Up Parker Posted by Hello
Splish Splash Emma Posted by Hello
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Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm Parker the Sailor Man, Toot Toot....

Parker has discovered the old Popeye cartoons and is suddenly for into spinach. Steve took the kids to the store today and P found a can of Popeye Spinach. He was thrilled. Everyone he saw, he told them about his spinach. I think he was more excited about the can than the actual spinach, but did take a small bite for lunch. I guess Emma didn't want to eat lunch, so she went down for a nap early because she was cranky. While she was napping, Steve got out the inflatible pool I got after the summer season last year. It's big enough to fit an adult or two in it and was only a couple bucks. Emma did get a chance to swim for a few minutes before a storm came up. I'm sure if it's nice tomorrow, they'll be getting plenty of pool time.

Some other Parker Potpourri I forgot to mention earlier was:
1) At his last soccer game, he scored two goals. One though was basically the coach kept the ball away from the others so he could kick it, but the second one was legitimate. If he'd played a few more weeks I'd think he'd have it figured out. He's always worn out by the end of practice.
2) After soccer, I was busy cleaning because the babysitter was coming. Parker wanted to go outside, so I said stay near the house. I kind of lost track of time and realized I didn't see him on the front or back patio. I went outside and he was over at the neighbors playing baseball with their grandchildren. I guess Parker had just been sitting on the patio and when he saw the kids, he went over and said, "Hi, my name is Parker." He's definitely not as shy as he used to be!

Still trying to get Emma to go potty on the potty. She sits on there forever, but doesn't go. She was dry after her 3 hour nap today, so she can definitely hold it. Tonight Emma, giant Care Bear and I spent 45 minutes in the bathroom sitting on the potty. Care Bear wouldn't go either! We sang songs and had a lot of fun. I got great pictures. The best of Emma I've taken in a long time. Promise to post some or probably just email them out. She was singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider....... Down came the Rainbow and up the clock it went.... Out came the rainbow and up the clock it went..... She loves to sing.

Going with Marnie and her sister Heather to the Iowa Scrapbooking Extravaganza tomorrow in Ankeny. Turned in our change jar, so now I can buy, buy, buy!! Also hoping to hear from Marnie if her little one is a boy or girl!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sibling Rivalry or Lack Thereof

It's so funny how one minute the kids are fighting or doing things to irritate each other and the next minute doing something sweet for each other. Tonight Parker went outside and picked a white flower (weed) out of yard and came in and said, "Mommy, this is for you." He gave me a hug. Emma was sitting by me and he said, "Sister you need a flower too," so off he went to get another. She was very excited. Later Emma called it celery and ate half the stem, but it was soooo cute. About 15 minutes later they were fighting over the computer, so you take the moments when you can.

I figured out what 2 year olds have nightmares about. I could hear her crying about 10 last night and when in there to check on her. She's a noisy sleeper, so if she's talking we usually ignore her, but she was sobbing hysterically. I went in there and she was sitting up half asleep, upset that Thomas (the train) dropped his ball of yarn. I got her settled down and sang her a song and she went back to sleep. She cried off and on during the night about Thomas some more. Parker is still sleeping with a lamp on, but he zonks all night, so I guess we'll leave it for now. He's scared of crocodiles in his room for some reason. The last couple nights after he's gone to bed, we hear his Spiderman pinball machine come on. So far he only plays it a few mintues before he goes to sleep, so we'll let him play it for now.

Parker is thrilled that the kids are out of school now. The older kids can play Xmen with him. He's such a little game nerd, just like his mommy. Emma took her duck game to Lauri's yesterday and at first didn't want to share, but then Lauri said after I left she shared with the others and had a good time.

Emma is like me (and Grammy) and loves to talk. People always said about their own kids that they don't shut up, keep asking questions etc when they are toddlers. I just thought they were making that up, as Parker was not that way. He does talk more and more now, but it generally revolves around video Anyway, Steve said tonight that after they got home, Emma would not shut up. She'd repeat everything over and over and keep asking questions. Right now she's up in bed carrying on a conversation with her bedmates. I can officially say my kids are total opposites!!

Emma called the tent something so cute yesterday morning and do you think I could remember it? I'll have to ask Parker, because when she said it, he said "No sister, that's a camping."

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Camping 101

We bought Roni's tent and air mattress in hopes of taking the plunge and venturing out with the children camping. I prefer a camper with all of the immenities, but I'll be brave and sacrifice! Steve set it up yesterday and the kids love it. Especially the part where you chase each other from one end to the other over and over again. Marshmallow also killed a bird in there today, so guess that's a housewarming gift. P calls the tent a "camping" and so our first actual camping experience, will I'm sure make the blog.

We ventured out Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary. (I forgot to mention I got a beautiful plant from Steve at work on Friday. Bad me, for not mentioning that earlier!!)We ended up seeing Crash. Very good movie, but also disturbing, one of those you wouldn't want to watch over and over. The kids were excited that they were going to play with Katy. Lauri wanted to play with them too, so we ended up dropping the kids off up there and they were going to have a BBQ. Kids had a blast. The weather got kind of yucky out, so Lauri just kept them up there. P zonked out, but E fought sleep until about 11. First thing Parker said when he woke up Sunday is I played Xmen.

After letting the kids sleep in Sunday (shame, shame the 3 of us skipped church), we ventured to Roni's for her BBQ. We quickly stopped off to buy P some sandals and lucked out. He has wide feet and usually it's a huge ordeal to find any. The cousins had fun playing with each other. Both kids were a bit crabby before we got there, but then cheered right up and played soccer and baseball. Emma crashed in the afternoon and said I want to lay down. Actually I should say "lei" down as she had about a dozen plastic lei things around her neck when she zonked. Of course I took pics, but still procrastinating on posting any, as that would involve work on my part. The girls headed to Big Lots (oops accidentally bought some scrapping stuff) while the men and kids napped back at Roni's.

This morning was soooo hard to get them up. Both were pretty crabby and tired when I dropped them off today. I felt tired and crabby too!

But of course the biggest news of the weekend, is I'm going to be an aunt again! Roni and John are expecting right around the end of the year. Yes!!! A new niece or nephew and also I can unload even more of my kid stuff and also unload my maternity clothes.

And did I mention, so glad it's not me...hee, hee!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Lack of Happenings

Pretty boring around here the last couple of days. Maybe there were some Hansen Happenings of some sort, but I haven't really been home much. Stayed late at work Thursday night because of month end, but can't really complain much because I was able to leave at 7, but a bunch of them were there till almost midnight. Then last night I went cropping with Marnie.

In a few minutes we are leaving for our last soccer game. Planning to take the video camera and record his first foray into organized sports. Tball starts in another week. He loves to hit the ball, but can't figure out the glove thing yet.

We are going out tonight for our anniversary, which means I need to spend all day cleaning before our sitter gets here! Anyone know of any good movies out in theaters right now?

Tomorrow after church we are going to Roni's in the afternoon for a BBQ. I'm bringing beer bread and BLT dip, so gotta get that made today, without me eating all of it before then.

So as you can see no funny stuff from the kids the last couple of days.... but just give them a few minutes and something should happen.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Get Your Groove On

Making this quick as I need to leave for work in 10 minutes and P isn't even up yet.

Took the kids to Walmart last night to get a few things. Daddy was mowing, so I went at it alone. Now that they are older it's usually not too bad. The biggest thing is usually Emma wants to push the cart and both want in and out of the cart a bunch. They see things they want, but so far when I say no they are ok with it.

I was getting diapers and pullups and right by there and there is a thing that plays kids music. They ran over and started grooving. They were so funny. There'd be a slow one so they'd so it down, or when the Chicken Dance game on they went nuts. Emma started spinning herself so fast she fell down. After a few minutes, began my task of getting them to leave their new jukebox. Amazingly, no one cried. It took a few attempts, but eventually they moved on.

Out of the mouth of Emma last night:
"I'm drinky." I said, "You're stinky?" She said "no stinky" and made actions like she was drinking.

On the potty as she stalled before bedtime last night. "No I can't go to bed, I'm reading my libraries." She sat for about a half hour on the potty, reading away. Got some great pics, so will try to post later. And still no potty action....

My last sister has made the move to blog.

Well off to get P man up.