Friday, March 25, 2005


It seems like everyone is blogging anymore, so thought I'd give it a try. I don't know how to do too many of the cool tricks or graphic stuff yet, but I did manage to post a couple pics of the kids "taking" a mess as Emma calls it. The kids are in bed. Neither wanted to go to bed tonight. Emma just wanted to keep on playing and Parker just got over tired and got very upset. Usually he's the easy one to put to bed. Planning to get all of the Easter goodies ready tomorrow for the kids. Emma is getting a Thomas the Tank Engine book for her Leap Pad (she kept using her brothers) and a Duncan train car. Parker is getting a Diesel 10 train car and a Scooby Doo bubble blower. Daddy was very proud of the fact that he helped pick out bubble blower and the book. I had to get them a little something too, so I stopped tonight and picked out the train cars. They both love to play trains and have amassed quite a collection. Getting this blog setup took longer than I expected, so no scrapbooking tonight. Will probably just veg out and watch some poker on TV - can't get enought of that! I'm getting the laundry caught up tonight too, as Steve is going to finish up the laundry room floor tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some cards made tomorrow to take back to my mil's craft shop on Sunday. Also working on some altered comp book and mini albums. She has a cute shop in Southwest Iowa that sells a variety of items. Not to leave out my side of the family :-), they also have a website devoted to their horse business. . The kids just love grandma and grandpa's horses!

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