Thursday, March 31, 2005

Uh oh

Our DVR player is on the fritz. I'm hoping it's just "tired" and is working again tomorrow. Watching live TV stinks! And I need to stay up to put jeans in the dryer and can't find anything live to watch. Plus I dont' want to lose all of the stuff we already have recorded. We do have a spare DVR player they sent us in error, but don't want to use unless we have to. I think Parker's manic remote fingers may have fried it. He's always clicking and forwarding thru stuff really fast and non-stop. It's freaked out a couple other times though, so crossing my fingers.

Emma wore her clip-on Easter egg earrings to bed tonight that she got from Roofs. Wanted to get a picture of her with them on, but of course her hair was covering them up! She knew they were earrings and sat still while I put them on. She also had to put on all the rings (she knew there were four, so when I only had 3 we had to look for the other one) and her egg necklace. She's been keeping all of her necklaces in her pink butterfly purse she got at Easter. Cow purse holds the trains and care bears... she has a system. Usually she freaks out if you touch her ears or move her hair by her ears. She of course stalled on the bedtime thing and Parker couldn't get in bed fast enough.

Parker painted another picture all by himself, didn't even have to remind him how it worked. Also got him to trace some numbers in an activity book, which he's never done before. Still can't tell though if he's right or left-handed he switches all the time and doesn't really look comfortable either way. That was the one thing he was behind in at his checkup was that he doesn't draw stick people. Oh well, he can count to 200 so give him a break :-)

Rainy/windy day here today. Well off to TV and the commercials!

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