Monday, March 28, 2005

Weekend Update

We had a busy weekend with Easter. Had hoped to have an egg hunt at home on Saturday, but the weather didn't cooperate. That's ok though, because they did 2 hunts on Sunday! Parker spent quite a bit of time painting and coloring this weekend. All I have to say is the Color Wonder stuff by Crayola rocks!! He has never really been into art, he's far more a number, letters, computer type kid. At Lauri's (their sitter) this week, they painted suncatchers, colored cups and made shrinky dink necklaces and he loves every minute of it. Emma did a great job on coloring her cup too!

On Sunday, after church and Sunday School, we traveled the hour and a half to Steve's side for noon meal and then we eat again at 6 at my side. We grew up in the same town, so it makes for busy holidays, but at least the kids get to see both sides. Emma pretty much lived on jelly beans on Sunday. Parker has turned into a great eater and has been cleaning his plate, so we don't have as many food battles as before. He's still pretty picky, but will try at least a bite or two of something new. Emma has discovered broccoli and loves it. Both of them far prefer veggies to fruits.

Anyway, back to Easter. At Steve's side we did the annual Easter Egg Treasure Hunt. The Easter Bunny (Grandpa) writes clues and leaves them in eggs all over and at the end there is a basket of goodies. The kids really got into it. A couple of time the bunny left them jelly beans along the way and Parker dumped them on the ground and said, "Emma you eat those" and off he was to the next clue with his older cousin Laura.

At our house the competition is a little stiffer because there are a number of little cousins for Parker and Emma to compete with. At least 100 eggs were hidden around with candy in them. Each kid came out with a basket full of candy and eggs. We tried to get some decent pics, but all the kids were running around so fast. People are competitive in my family!!

The kids were getting tired. Parker got his pj's on and said "I look tired, let's go." They fought a bit on the way home and didn't sleep the best last night. It always takes them a day to recoop after holidays. At least we are out of the hauling bottles, food, etc stage. Lauri said the kids weren't crabby today and the weather was warm so they got to play outside a lot today.

Since Parker doesn't nap, he was ready for bed at 7:30 tonight, worn out from all the exercise today. He's informed us that he is a big boy now and doesn't need a cup at night anymore. Glad he has decided that, as we have been putting off taking that away, since sister still gets a cup at bedtime. He should be getting drier at night then I'd think. He's such a solid sleeper, he didn't even her Emma screaming her head off at midnight.

It's like the kids know that daylight savings time is coming, because they have started waking up earlier and earlier, so they usually end up adjusting quite well.

I'm trying to post some pics from the last few days, but having problems. Keep checking back:-)

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