Saturday, September 13, 2008

Goo Goo Babies

The kids were asking today about when they were goo-goo babies and again there was the story of how Parker didn't cry when he was born, but peed all over the doctor and then Emma screamed her head off. Pretty much they are still that way!

Then I jokingly said to them, "What if Mom had another baby?" I've asked before and they very adamantly say NO! Well that backfired on me today. Parker definitely wants a brother or sister. He said he didn't care if they cried and if it was a boy he wanted to name it Josh and if it's a girl Leah. He said you have a belly is there a baby in there? (He's not winning any points here!) He then wants to know how long it takes to get a baby in my tummy, how does the baby come out, etc etc... Emma says, "I know how the baby gets in there. Mom and Dad get married. When they decide to have a baby Mom takes a pill and gets a baby in her tummy. It's like those pills on TV that you put in water and turn into a farm animal." She was very serious as she's mentioned the pill things

I told Parker that babies cry a lot and that he would have to help with the diapers. He said that was more of a thing that moms and dads do but he would play with it. I'd better get them the fish they've been asking for to take their minds off this baby business!

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