Thursday, September 11, 2008

He's Got Catitude!

This time of year seems to come up so quickly...the dreaded annual vet appointment. Actually it's been 2 years. We kept procrastinating and last year it got away from us. When he was a kitten the visit went smoothly. He is now 12 plus, and does NOT like the vet. He never goes anywhere and so the minute he's in the car and them smells all the animals at the dr, it gets ugly. The last few years we've had to medicate him. The vet has a "Panic Attack" note in his chart. The vet would try to wear the leather bird gloves and Cooper would still try to gnaw his arm off. Each year we are given a pill to break in half. One half for this year, one half for next year. One year it was the big half and he would be a little more mellower than the small half year. He would try to hiss but couldn't quite attack. After we'd bring him home with his kitty hangover, you'd have to try to keep him from walking around for a bit since he was totally stoned. Once the buzz wore off, then he was mad at you for a day or two. This time the vet recommended the whole pill since he was pretty violent the last time. I haven't seen Cooper at all today, so apparently he's still sleeping of the 'ludes! Cooper can be a bit stuck up, but he generally isn't mean (well ok most of the time he's nice....). He was once an only child, then put up with two moves, then two kids and we never had any of the peeing, spraying, destroying issues so I'll give him props on that. Now that the kids are older he will let them pet him sometimes and he especially likes Emma. I'm of course his favorite and the minute the kids go to bed, he climbs out from sleeping under the bed and is attached to my side or lap for the rest of the night.

Thank goodness it's another year before checkup and shots! This is always way more stressful than when the kids got them!
P.S. He also doesn't like to wear hats!

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