Sunday, April 03, 2005

It's a Sad Day

Our DVR is "officially" out of commission. Also, can't even watch anything on the dish that's live, because the machine keeps kicking off and on. I love technology!! I haven't experienced too many withdrawl symptoms yet. Although I may actually clean or scrapbook this week, since there is nothing else to do.

Long time no blog, but hasn't been anything too exciting to report around here. Yesterday I went scrapbooking with my friend Marnie We actually both got a quite bit done (once we found the place), which is pretty amazing for us. We seemed to have kept our yapping in check this time. I should post some pages I did, but that would involve work on my part!

The kids "helped" Daddy garden outside.yesterday when I was gone. They also enjoyed rolling around in the tent. Parker at first didn't want to go outside, but after Daddy locked the doors and wouldn't let him back in the house and after a meltdown, he then played outside for a couple hours and didn't want to go back in. Emma insisted she wasn't tired and didn't need a nap and when they came for a drink, Steve left the room for a minute and Emma was zonked out on the chair.

Today Grandma and Grandpa Hansen came for a visit this afternoon. I think Parker wore grandma ragged by the marathon game of Sorry! Parker squeaked out a win, but it was a close one! The kids also got out their bubbles after they left and had a great time. They have been watching Blues Clues tapes since Parker can't watch Scooby Doo right now. They are loving it, so it's actually kind of nice that I can see something else beside Thomas or Scooby on TV right now.

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