Thursday, August 23, 2007

Attempting to Blog Again...Take 5!

Ok. At the start of the year I was going to blog/journal more and also go on a diet. I failed on both of those horribly. Baby steps, so I am attempting to blog again.

The day that Emma has been waiting for almost two years, finally arrived! The first day of preschool. (It's all day/every day so it's more like Pre-K). She technically could have gone last year since she'll be 5 on Sept 15 and could have done Kindergarten this year and I debated back and forth on that. It turns out that since she is old enough to be counted as being in K this year, we don't have to pay the $110 weekly tuition. Well that solved my dilemma! Plus next year they'll have the new school built so she will do all day K instead of the half day they have now. I really expected her to be up bright and early this morning, but as usual she was zonked. She did perk up and went right in and said Bye Mom and that was it. I'm a horrible mom and I didn't cry when either kid went to school. I was a little nervous when P went to preschool, but not with E. I found out she had pizza for lunch, they couldn't go on the swingsets at recess because it was muddy and Mrs. Sellers gave a couple kids the big eyes and her voice got louder when two boys wouldn't stay in line.

P's first day was back on July 11th and he is having a great time in 1st grade. He is so talkative and outgoing anymore. As far as I know he's doing great at school. No notes and after the first week or two of school no names written on the board and his car hasn't moved from the green stop light (that's good - red bad). Now that traditional has started he'll be able to do more of the AR reading classes. He's in a soccer league right now and seems to enjoy it. We were supposed to have a game tonight, but the rain stopped those plans.

Tomorrow night I am going with Roni and a couple other scrappers to Archiver's. Saturday I think we are going to the zoo because I have free tickets from work. We let our membership expire so we haven't been in awhile.

I'll try not to make the next post be two years from now!

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