Monday, August 27, 2007

School is Boring Because Everyone is Crying....

E gave me some resistance when trying to go to school today. I asked why and she said it's boring because the crying is very loud. We got to school (after a variety of negative comments in the van) and who do we run of the criers! She didn't want to go in the room and was being a "bit" dramatic. She wasn't throwing a fit or anything, just the usual 'tude. I knew she'd be fine when I left. The teachers said that on Friday there were 4 different kids that cried off and on all day. With 23 kids in her class, that noise has to be annoying! She had her first baton and tumbling classes tonight for the new dance year. Of course she said it was boring too! Then later tonight she was suddenly out of her funk (shocking!) and then proceded to tell me all about school. It could also be due to the fact that she knew it was bedtime and that I'd let her stay up later just so I could hear about school. She is the fish feeder for the week and they had gym today. They have to bring 3 items about themselves to share and she was excited about that. She likes to play with Claire, Chloe and the girl in the pink shirt. She has been on green every day, but a boy in a blue shirt shoved her so he went to red.

I had planned to post some pics, but of course my computer is not letting me upload pics thru blogger for some reason...once again shocking! I'll have to go about it another way, but don't want to deal with it tonight.

I was trying to scan some cards I made tonight to submit to a call that expires tonight (call is a scrapbooking term for magazines looking for items to publish) and suddenly Adobe kept giving me an error. That is how I crop and resize my cards now since the other program won't work with my new scanner. But whew... I restarted and we were good to go!

Not much to say about P today. He's a good boy as usual and his general topic of conversation is Pokemon and I won't bore you with those details. Plus I can't remember all the types and battles!

Steve is in KC tomorrow night so we'll be eating in front of the TV! And I will be able to watch Big Brother in peace!

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