Monday, October 08, 2007

Go Emma...Go Emma.... (shameless bragging)

Tonight was the usual Manic Monday. It was more manic than usual though because Steve is out of town and E's parent/teacher conference was tonight too. We have nothing going on the rest of the week...yeah!

Left work early to get everyone picked up and to baton/tumbling. I was watching and Emma wasn't paying much attention to what was going on - we are still working on the focusing part sometimes. Then they started doing the helicopters (it's what I call the regular baton twirl) and she starts going to town. The owner even noticed and had her stand in front and show everyone and then she did it with her left hand too. To be noticed by her is a pretty big deal. She runs a huge baton/dance place nearby and has all the twirlers at the big colleges around here were taught by her. This year's Miss XXXXXXX was taught by her too. Although not sure how good I'd want Miss Noodle to be since if she turns out to be pretty good in a few years, that'd mean competition team and more scheduling!!

Anyway back to the bragging... so we had time to kill between baton and conferences so we went to McD's for quite awhile. No playland, but the kids sat pretty quiet and kept themselves entertained. We get to conferences about 7:20 - ours was at 7:30. They were running behind (they always are). This weird man was sitting beside us and was the 7:15. Finally he went in and I swear he stayed in there as long as possible just to make us wait. It was at least 8:15 before we finally got in there. The kids didn't end up in bed till 9, so good luck teachers tomorrow! (P starts back to school tomorrow) The kids did really well considering we sat out in the hall with nothing to do for at least an hour. I received glowing reviews on Emma and she seems to have sucked everyone in with her cuteness. We talked a little about her moods, looks she gives you etc and how she can sometimes be a bit stubborn....not sure who she'd get that from?? She gets along very well with the other kids and the teacher kept going on about how smart E is. She got a perfect score on a reading assessment test and has been reading a bunch of stuff around the room. I knew she understood rhyming since she helped P when he was in presechool. I'm also amazed about how detailed her drawings are. They are going to do some extra reading work with her. I sometimes think that E knows more than she lets on and the teacher agreed. I think sometimes she likes to act all helpless and dumb. Isn't it too early to act that way???

Ok. I'll stop bragging :-) Just proud!

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