Thursday, October 18, 2007

Karate Chop!

Tonight was P's first night of Tae Kwon Do. He had wanted to do it a couple months ago, but it interfered with soccer. This might replace wrestling for the winter activity this year...whew! The Parks and Rec dept puts it on for a small fee, plus it's on our side of town which is nice. He was very excited to get to do "karate." I'm sure he thought all they'd do is run around and karate chop each other. I only saw about the last 15 minutes, but fortunately there was no crazy karate chopping. He seems to like it and they were helping him a lot. It's a beginners class, but there is a huge variety in ages. Of course as soon as class was over, Aiden and Parker started karate chopping each other.... I have a feeling Daddy might get chopped below the belt sometime...hee hee...

Tomorrow Parker turns the big 0-7! Hard to believe! He wants to go hunting with daddy so Steve picked out some clothes for him for his present- coat, boots, gloves and of course the orange vest and hat. We already informed him he would not be carrying a gun. He did offer to be the dog and help find the pheasants! Right now I have cupcakes in the oven so he can celebrate at Lauri's after school and blow out a candle on a cupcake in the morning. Hopefully the kids want to get up tomorrow. They have both been having a hard time getting up. It's like they know daylight savings time is coming. At school treats have to be pre-packaged so Little Debbies it is! Also need treats for Sunday School. Parker will get a lot of sugar in the next few days!!!

On the scrap front, got a couple more things (including a beaded bracelet) picked up for Giftmaker and a picture frame for Paper Crafts. I was very happy with the frame and so it's nice when someone loves it back! I used some Basic Grey rubons I forgot I had and they were perfect for it. I celebrated by going to HL today...oops spent too much again.

P.S. We had a crisis on our hands. Gameboy had been lost for a couple days, but Daddy saved the day and found him in the couch cushions...crisis averted!

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