Monday, October 01, 2007

Tooth Fairy 101 Basics - I received an F

Well tooth fairy didn't do so well. Here I posted that I needed to remember to be the "fairy" and then I totally spaced it off and went to bed. Parker woke up this morning and checked. Tooth was still there. Luckily he wasn't too upset. I told him that sometimes that happens, especially if the tooth fairy had a busy night. It was still dark out so the tooth fairy was still on her way. (I can remember the tooth fairy dumping my tooth down the drain I went and wrote a note that said she was pretty busy and that he had 2,543 teeth to pick up and that was a new record. Fairy also felt guilty so I left a 5 bill dollar (that's what P calls it) Of course he wants to get a Ben 10 guy with it. Last time tooth fairy visited P forgot to even check. I wasn't so lucky this time! He also asked me if the Tooth Fairy had helpers and when I said I didn't know he said, "Well I bet God would know."

Had another Manic Monday - with the usual work craziness followed by the sports/baton craziness and ending with a church meeting. There were some older kids that kept messing around during their soccer practice (I think it was kids that were practicing after them and kids of some of the parents there) and one kid kicked the ball about 2 feet from Parker and hit him in the eye and it even knocked him off his feet. He was worried about "bleeds", but doesn't look like he'll even have a shiner. I told the older kids to get off the field. I'm sure I ticked some people off but too bad.

Not much to report on Miss E. We've been playing a lot of Ponyville and I'm not sure how many more fake milkshakes and suckers I can take!

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