Monday, October 22, 2007

Tae Kwen Do with a Cub Scout Chaser

I swear ever activity my kids have ever been in always happens on Monday. Monday's are always manic, but that means the rest of the week is not as crazy, so when we get thru Monday's the rest of the week is a breeze!

Steve took E to her baton/tumbling and he said she did a good job paying attention tonight - whew! She also was going crazy with her twirling and Ms. Jan noticed how good she was doing again. With her personality (and the fact that she likes to be in the spotlight) I think baton is a good fit for her.

P had his 2nd TKD class again tonight and is still enjoying it. It's pretty intense (discipline, paying attention etc). A lot of the stretches and moves they do I think I'd fall right on my a$$ if I tried. He would probably have loved it if I had done it...probably should have since I am extremely out of shape. He also had his Cub Scout pack meeting tonight. It started at the exact time that the TKD ended. We did a quick costume change and got there just a little late. (The first part of the meeting is pretty much just spent getting the kids quiet anyway). We get there and the school is locked - argh! Luckily I had a cell # for someone in there and they came down to get us. Tonight he got his Bobcat badge and he was super excited about that. He wanted it attached immediately. I told him it'd probably be his dad that would have to do that :-) I also included a pic of him rolling a potato with his nose tonight (one of the games they played) and some from the bday party and Night Eyes. Enjoy!

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