Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fourth Fun

Parker does some golfing after the parade. He was pretty intense!
Emma won this giraffe on the midway and he went everywhere with her for the rest of the weekend. (He did get banned from the anniversary party though)
All dressed up for the party and she was hamming it up a bit.
Key to lots of candy...master the wave! You can also see cousin Peyton and Rylan across the street mastering the wave too.
My Grandpa Hansen riding the Brayton float.
Emma loved the big slide. Parker did not have any interest at all!
Hitting another overpriced ride!
Steve did a great job with the pictures! Mine would have been blurry.

Marilyn attempts to help with the hamburgers for the BBQ. She was quickly "let go to pursue other opportunities."
Parker learned how to drive a 4 wheeler...thanks Uncle Brad....
Cousin Drake takes his turn at the pinata.
Cousin Laura waits for the parade to start. We were the 1.5 hours early :-) The one time a year the town gets traffic jams!
P and E also wait for the parade to start. By the end they were tuckered out from catching so much candy!

Here is a smattering of photos from our holiday weekend. Sorry I hadn't posted in awhile. I think just the usual stuff happened - baseball and TKD, work and then getting ready for the 4th. The anniversary party went well too. It was held at the local winery and it was a gorgeous place to have it. You can see the guest book I made here. The kids start school on Wednesday. Thank goodness you can buy the supply kit thru the school or I'd be in some serious trouble right now!

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