Monday, July 21, 2008

You Don't Get Any Cabbage Unless You Pick Up Your Toys

This isn't a phrase you normally hear in a house with kids, but Emma has some weird love affair with green vegetables. If it's green she'll eat it! She was all excited when on her first day of school they had broccoli. We've never had at home, but we had to go to Fareway first thing then next day to get her a bag of it. Daddy also found a cabbage in the garden the other day and she dug into that too (raw....eeeew). She's also been known to eat an entire can of green beans. She doesn't get the green veggie love from me...peas and beans are as crazy as I get...although I will eat broccoli if it's in a cream soup!

The kids have evening swimming lessons this week and last week (they end at 9). I hate doing them this late, but when you're a working mom and apparently most lessons are scheduled for people who don't work in the summer, I make do. They are having a good time although it seems like half the time they aren't in the water - once there was a swim meet, one night I guess a kid pooped in the pool (again eewww) and tonight it rained! Tball is over for E and next week both of them start their soccer practices. It sounds like they both got great coaches, yeah!

I forgot to post something funny Parker said over the 4th. There was a black dog that was hanging around at G & G Blue House that everyone loved (but gma) and Parker said, "He knows my senses. That's why he's staying here."

P.S. I was wrong about the I'm stumped! BB - I'd like to root for Jessie since he's a local boy, but he can't stop looking at himself! That's a little freaky.

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