Saturday, July 12, 2008

Penny Pinchers

Here they are all spiffed up on their first day of school. Of course Parker has hair issues and Emma is making a face...well I get what I get and I don't throw a fit when it comes to pictures!

Parker is excited because they are already learning about science and they also got popsicles on Friday. I haven't gotten too much info out of him so far. Emma sounded like she might have been a little too excited on her first day of school Friday.... she got a green flag which means she had one time of not following the rules. From the sounds of it she was blurting out things when the teacher was calling on other kids. We'll call that a friendly fire and she said she was just sooooo excited. She did get a light speech from mommy. I'll keep the green flag as a first day of school memento!
Here is a goldfinch habitat that Emma made today. It has everything a goldfinch could want. A nest, food (it's in the nest), water, yard decorations and some sticks to perch on!
The entreprenuers got busy again today - this time it was selling Hi-C and apples. They aren't going to be striking it rich anytime soon. Parker set the prices at one cent. I tried to give them quarters and he said no it was a penny and they are trying to save up for $5. Ok, maybe he won't be an accountant like mommy when he grows up? He's not understanding the value of a dollar!


Laura Davis said...

they are darling Jennifer! Thank for playing!

Savitri said...

Very very cute kids! I have a little Emma too, she just turned five :)