Friday, August 01, 2008

Long Time No See

Schnakees!!! This blog thing is slipping away from me! How can work go so slow most days, yet you look back on life in general and weeks go back in the blink of an eye! Once again I'll need to just highlight our Happenings...and along the way forgot funny stuff since it's been forever since the last post!

* Steve went on the Warren County tractor ride for the fair. He did this last year too. He got her all shined up as usual. He's so proud! I'm hoping we can afford to build some kind of shed/building thingy where he has more room to tinker!
* Took the kids into the county fair last Saturday. Glad we didn't wait till Sunday since it rained (I mean monsooned! We lost electricity for about 5 hours...BORING!) Anyway, the kids loved all the animals and are plotting to get some chickens to raise. Also got them ride wristbands. For once I even thought of it before the fair, so we got them at a discount. For $12 a kid, they can ride as much as they want for 4 hours. I think they only rode for an hour or so and I bet they each went on 15 rides. When rides are $3plus a's a good deal! Parker got brave and went on some bigger rides. Emma mastered the carousel pretty well!
* Finished up with swimming lessons last week. They got a lot braver as the lessons went and could do more things. They didn't pass to the next level, but to be honest I didn't expect them too. We never get to the pool, so their swimming knowledge so far is pretty basic. I just want them to be comfortable in water more than anything.
* The National Balloon Classic has started and Parker and his Cub Scout troup were in the parade last Saturday. It's about 1/4 the size of the 4th of July parade in my hometown (thank goodness). Emma still collected a lot of candy! Their float involved water guns and as you can tell by the picture he was having a great time! We're going into see the balloons tomorrow night. That's one of my fave things about living in this town...the balloons!
* Both kids started soccer practice this week. Their first practice was cancelled due to tons of water on the fields due to the monsoon like conditions on Sunday. They had practice last night and it was hot, hot, hot! Parker is 7-8 group now and I see a difference in the teams. They are now expected to do more passing, play positions etc. In the 5-6's if no one cries or you actually get a's a good day! He's got a pretty good set of legs on him and I think he'll have a good time again this year. E had a good time too, even with her head drenched in sweat! She was laughing and giggling so I'll to help her to
* Tomorrow is a neighborhood garage sale...I'm letting Steve tackle that...nuf said.
* Sunday we head to another I Cubs game, this time for Scouts. It's a 1:00 game and it's supposed to 95, plus Heat Mommy will try really hard not to get crabby! I wasn't thinking and I should have just gotten Daddy and Parker tickets and E and I could have had a girls day!
* This is my 300th post!!!

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