Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm Melting.... (Picture the Wicked Witch)

Well at 6:00 tonight it was still 94 degrees...and this didn't include the heat index factor! Well the Hansens ventured off after church today to the I Cubs game. I had already bought the tickets and it was Scout Day and I didn't really want Parker to miss it. We had to be there an hour early (were already drenched in sweat just walking from the car - I refuse to pay $6 to park so we had to walk a little) and as usual it was disorganized since it was Scout related! I had broken the I Cubs law and smuggled in some contraband aqua. I put I Cubs hats and sunscreen on top of it and and chatted up the ticket guy, so he just did the quick cursory peek and I was in! Cub Scouts are about honesty and integrity...but for $4 bottles of water, I break the law sometimes.... After they walked out on the field we tried to sit down and wait the next 45 minutes till the 1:05 game started. The seat were literally burning our butts! We tried a couple different places and still it was hot cross buns! I was trying to convince Steve we should sit in the assigned seating in the shady spots, but Mr. Honesty didn't want to get in trouble. So in the end, we left the game and didn't see one minute of it. It was just TOOOOO hot. I still have a headache from the heat. We ended up going to Steph's since G and G White House were visiting. The kids got to play with their cousins and the women hit WM and Dollar Tree to buy a lot of useless knick knacks! A few scrap thing may have accidentally fallen into my cart.

Our last night plans of going to the last night of the Balloon Festival was also a dud. It was so windy that we didn't even bother going. Next year we'll need to get our cabooses out there earlier in the week! We just had too many kid things going on this year.

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