Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thunder Thighs

We are now officially into the soccer season. The kids have had a few practices and Parker had his first game last night. Emma's first is on Thursday. Parker's team spanked the other team 8-0. Parker was excited when it was his turn to be goalie, but the other team couldn't get anywhere near our side so he didn't get to boot it out of the end like he wanted. He has a really great coach who has been working with them a lot. Now that he's older they play positions too. I so don't understand soccer, but there is offense and defense like there is in basketball.

The Hansens also tackled the State Fair on Sunday. We get there bright and early to we can see the popular stuff like the Big Boar and Butter Cow (Butter Shawn Johnson did not look like her...what's up with her monster thighs? Or maybe it was more her monster shoulders?) We had the usual variety of fried foods and topped it off with ice cream. I get free tickets, food and concert thru work, so it's a pretty cheap day for us...sweet! We did skip the Wynonna concert. The weather was gorgeous in the morning. I really expected to be sweaty. About noon it did get hot (and it didn't help I had to walk a mile to go back and get Emma's missing hat), but we survived the fair once again!

The Hansens house renovation has officially begun. We haven't signed a contract yet with anyone for the remodel, but since Steve has ripped off the front porch, I think it's a go! With the remodel I'm getting a little hosed in the scraproom department, but P and E will get bigger rooms and I'll be a good mommy and put them ahead of my scrapping :-) I'm going to take over their 2 bedrooms (so I guess I have a supply room and a crop room?)

My reality thoughts:
The Mole - although I was wrong about who I thought it was, I was very happy with the outcome. If witchy woman had won I would have been mad! I was glad that Mark won the money - he really loved his family and wanted to help them out.

Big Brother - I'm not sure why this show sucks me in every year. I guess to help me realize I'm not the nutcase like I think I am....when you look at some of those weirdos! Speaking of weirdos, man our WM has gotten skanky lately. When you see a 2 year old named Bubba it makes you go hmm.....

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