Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Now A Face On The Book!

Like I'm not online enough the way it is, I joined Facebook last night. I haven't figured out much yet besides the basics. Of course this has cut into my updating the family blog time!

This is a picture of the front of the house this morning. The stinky dog poop smelling bushes (and they smelled that way before we got the dog) are gone! I also can't wait till we are rid of that ugly siding and trim. Of course we haven't gotten the final quote yet, so maybe I will be looking at this ugly siding for awhile longer!

Just the usual kid doings last week. Each had a soccer game. It started to rain during Emma's so it's always fun to sit in wet capri jeans and watch 5 year olds roll around on a soccer field. Although I think they still won by 10 goals or so. Parker's team played a tougher team this week so that took a little wind out of their sails. They ended up tying 1-1.

They started riding their different bus on Wednesday (when traditional school started). The bus comes a little later which is nice since the princess isn't a morning person. She may get that from me?

Well it's midnight and once again I'm still up messing around on this stupid puter.
Thoughts on BB: I think Dan made a stupid mistake.
Thoughts on The Hills: Yes I'll admit I watch that trash. Could there have been anymore commercials on the season opener?

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