Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tres Gracias

Three things I'm thankful for lately:
1 - was almost sideswiped yesterday and I managed to miss the guy by about 2 millimeters. His big truck with the 8 in the windshield would have won against my Sedona I'm afraid!
2 - Picked up P's nosespray tonight. Hopefully the prescription is finally straightened out. First the insurance didn't like the way the dr wrote the prescription. Then Walgreens was supposed to store in the fridge and didn't. They can't seem to get that part right. I have to call them tomorrow since the last batch they gave us they didn't have in the fridge either. Anyway the good news is that the retail on the nosespray is about $500.. and we pay $10! Yeah for insurance! I guess I'll keep working...yick. Oops this is supposed to be a thankful post...lol.
3 - Some scrap goodies I won came today. See this link to see the shirt they sent Steve :-)

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