Saturday, July 09, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

I haven't checked in much lately, but to be honest not much funny happening around here. Kids are still cute as ever and Emma's burn is healing nicely. Another week without work ahead for us! Usually the last work day before vacation is the longest day ever. Instead, I was super busy and the day was a blur. I'm still kind of in the learning process on my new position on some things (while still doing a bunch of my old stuff yet) and since I'm going to be gone next week, I had some things that had to be done yesterday. I then headed to scrapbook with Marnie and gang and that goes till midnight. Parker has zoo class in a bit. I'm hoping it goes better than last time. He got upset and didn't want to go. I haven't even mentioned we're going yet. I also need to start packing, finish packing, do laundry, clean the van out, clean house etc. before leaving tomorrow for Council Bluffs for Peyton's Bday party. (He was born one day after my bday). Then on Monday bright and early we're leaving for Branson with the Hansen Gang. This should be a lot of fun - shows, fishing, shopping etc. P and E are going to Gma and Gpa B's for the week. Emma will love the horses and Parker will love the banana bread and cookies!

I was awakened to "Mommy, Mommy, happy birthday!" Must say they did good on the presents. The Plano Pro Rolling Station (a tackle box used for scrapbooking) and some punch out letters. Emma has about fully stocked the box with her trains.

Well better start getting things ready for the trip. Ciao!

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