Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm Just New Boot Goofin'

Finally checking in after the Hansen Branson Family Vacation. I'll just highlight some things, as otherwise I could type forever and I'm pooped and still need to clean a bit as a babysitter is coming tomorrow night when we go to Tom Petty.

* Drove a go kart for the first time. Came in dead last both times I think, but it was way cool. Did watch a girl give Scott and Brad soft tissue damage when they were completely stopped and she ran into the back of them at full speed. They were just new boot goofin! (It's funny cuz it didn't happen to me!)

* Fishin' - Even if we didn't catch anything huge it was a lot of fun. Hurricane Dennis (Roof) we think messed up the lake. Captain Scott Stupid drove us around the lake. Once we were out the door to fish by 6 in the morning, the other time fished late at night past midnight. Scott and I stared at the minnows swarming at the light forever. They were just new boot goofin!

* Dixie Stampede - Food and show were great. Even if you did have to eat everything with your hands! Especially funny was when Brad and Joc had to race a stick pony around the arena in front of the entire crowd. They were just new boot goofin! (It's funny cuz it didn't happen to me!)

We also had fun at Shepherd of the Hills, the Buzzard Bar (where Jocelyn made a new friend with the singer), shopping, all the great prizes from Scott and Judy for fishing, golfing, and gokarting, rocking out in the Freestar to Big and Rich, and Marilyn's Bucket-o-Margaritas. The place we stayed at was awesome. Huge rooms and the place was gorgeous. Still queasy from all the hills in Branson and Steve taking every corner so fast, but tomorrow it's back to work, ick!

The kids had a great time at G and G B's. They road horsies, watched Pokemon, drove the (Ali)Gator, went shopping etc. They also loved seeing Brad and Joc a bunch and that Unc Brad read them the Scooby Doo book. (I know Gma B also had to read it a number of times, they totally have it memorized).

So rippin hot today. The kids played in the pool quite a bit. I splurged and got them new suits at Walmart today. Scooby trunks and a pink Tweety Bird bikini. (I can't believe Steve is letting her wear it). She also road around on her "Barbieque" (her Barbie bike) a bunch this weekend. I'm still worn out from vacation as Parker kept wanting me to play board games and I kept falling asleep on him, poor thing.

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