Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm a He

Parker for a long time has been calling Emma a he. It can get confusing sometimes trying to figure out who he's talking about. Finally tonight he said, "Emma is a she." He's also decided that he will only use the Meno bathroom. He doesn't use the Wemo, that's where Mommy and Emma go. This can be a bit hard when it's just Mommy and P!!

Last night of TBall tonight. He has a good time, but still is chasing butterflies most of the time. The tee thing really confuses him, but pitch a ball at him and he's fine. He loves to field the ball. We'll work on throwing and catching, so next year we're ready!! Emma of course had a huge messy stinky while we were there. Now I must try to get yet another poop stain out of shorts. Still haven't gotten it out of the last pair this happened to.

Well I think I'm off to eat a Cookies and Cream ice cream cone, Fareway had Blue Bunny on sale, yeah for me!

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