Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm Bulbasor

Parker still talks less than motor mouth Emma, but when he does talk about something he likes, he doesn't shut up. He's hooked on Pokemon since staying and G and G B's house. He actually hasn't watched the movie a whole lot since we've gotten back, but he did want Pokemon Macaroni at the store and told everyone at the store about it. He actually ate it and then has been talking about all the characters on the box all week. "I'm Bulbasor, Mom you're Mew, Daddy you're Picachoo." He's also still hooked on Xmen and all of its' characters. We've been playing quite a bit of Sorry and Monopoly this week. I had to move his piece once because he said his arms were too long. He's also been reading books alot this week. He can read most of his Scooby Doo book and tries to sound out the words he doesn't know. Today was zoo class again (last two did not go well, but I think alot of it is because a parent has to be there, so then he acts up). We told him that if he didn't behave, listen or participate, then no computer games today. He was an angel! We made bird's nests and ice cream and he even touched a ferrett, an alligator and a salamander. My work was having a picnic today. With a 110plus heat index, we passed! The zoo in the shade was hot enough.

E is still yapping up a storm. She took a late nap today, so we could hear her on the monitor awake for quite a while tonight talking about everything including her chew corners. She loves her "chew corners." Usually the corners on her pillow (actually it was one Mom made for Parker, but I doubt he'd want it back now) and sometimes her kitty blanket. I even made up a song about her chew corners and had to sing it at bedtime tonight. I also had a blankie with chew corners, it's funny how much alike we are in so many ways. Steve says we're both moody, really???? Parker had Kiddie College Thursday night (he loves going to that, but I think it's because Mommy isn't there so he doesn't have to act need), so Daddy, Mommy and E went to Walmart. We were in the checkout line and there was some kind of candy that Emma called chalk. She started talking about it, "I love candy, it's so yummy... and so on." We looked down and she was rubbing her stomach, rolling her eyes and licking her lips while she said that. She's always doing goofy stuff like that, she's such a ham. She'll be a hoot at Sunday School and Kiddie College I'm sure. Not sure how good her listening skills or inside voice will be, but guess it'll make her work on it. Once P starts all day, everyday preschool in August, we won't have him go to Kiddie College anymore since he'll be doing that kind of stuff all day. Plus he'll probably have some sports stuff some nights. Emma can go though and so she'll be happy. Plus probably better if both of them weren't in the same class! I think we'll wait another year for dance for Emma (can't imagine her listening and paying attention yet). This year she can do tumbling thru Parks and Rec this winter. Not sure if P will tumble yet or not. In another year I think he can start Boy Scouts and sometime we want them to take piano, but I know right now, no way they'd sit still that long, but both do love to play on it. Plus preschool is expensive, so the next year when we don't have preschool, we can maybe afford dance lessons! Poor kids, I have them do all this stuff, but I think it helps them socialize.

Here's the recipe for the ice cream, it was really cool.

You take a sandwich sized plastic bag. Put 1 Tbl spoon sugar in it. Add a dixie cup of milk and a lidful of vanilla. Seal and put in a gallon sized bag that has a few handfuls of ice and a couple Tbls or so of rock salt. Shake by hand for about 3-5 minutes and you have ice cream! I'd think if you used chocolate milk or strawberry milk it'd work, then just leave out the vanilla?

We went to Tom Petty Monday night (poor kids had hardly been back from vacation and left them at night with Katy) Black Crowes were kind of loud and I don't think he was wearing socks which I thought was weird, but the Tom Petty portion was quieter and music was better. Apparently they are still ironing out the wrinkles at the new Events Center since the seating seemed to be messed up and a lot of the restrooms weren't labeled. Steve and a number of other guys ended up using the women's bathroom during the course of the night. Then while we were leaving they'd only let a few people on the escalator at a time because it was new and they didn't want to over load it. It was a huge escalator, so I'd think you could put more than 10 people on it at a time! Last night was Women's Poker and I was victorious. It was not looking good for me at all, but I played tight and then finally started getting cards at the end and could get aggressive. What really helped is that I had 4 of a kind and Marnie had a full house and I got quite a few chips on that one. Already spent most of my massive winnings on some new scrapbook magazines. Almost had P shoplifting gum while I was getting them. He had wanted gum, but I said we have some at home. Going out the door he said, I want some gum at home and looked down and he had it in his hand.... ooops! No one at the store had noticed and I know he didn't realize he was "stealing" but I explained you have to pay for things before you leave with them when we put it back. Fortunately he hasn't figured out he'd really embarass me my throwing a tantrum in situations like this. Plus he doesn't even like gum.

I'm sure I've missed a bunch of stuff, but that's what I get for procrastinating. The kids are heading to other Grandma and Grandpa's for the week. I won't know what to do with myself! Then Saturday/Sunday my sisters and Mom are heading to Council Bluffs for an girls overnighter. Plus Friday night I'm going to a scrapbook crop and it'll be Marnie's bday. Poor kids, I'm not going to win any good mom points this week!

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The Mom said...

I'm glad Peyton hasn't gotten into Pokemon yet. He likes the game at Grandma's house but that is about all he knows about it.