Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Red, White and Ouch!

We survived another 4th of July. It gets easier now that the kids are older, but there usually still some bumps in the road. I'll try to make this too long since I'm pooped and should probably try to do something with the rest of the stuff we hauled in from the van. It seems like we come home with more than we left with. After getting back about noon on the 3rd and with E down for a nap, we all helped with the decorations for the party. Thankfully no one fell off the ladder again this year. Also note for future reference.... do not put streamers on a portapotty... it stains! After a few minor adjustments after Judi surveyed everything, the party began! The kids were loving the poppers and sparklers. Suddenly there were 3 accidents in quick succession. Emma was one of them. She went to throw a sparkler down and grabbed the hot part right between her thumb and second finger, huge blister! She started to cry and held ice for a few minutes. She didn't cry very long though and I think mostly was upset she was away from the action. Plus people kept looking at it saying, wow that must really hurt. A Veggie Tales bandaid fixed everything and she was off and running again. Parker played soccer with Peyton and Branden forever and they were all a huge sweaty mess. Then the fireworks were ready to begin. At first P was a bit scared (although he was maybe more upset, that it was too dark for soccer), but then he was ok with them. Emma nearly had a stroke she was soooooo excited. "Wow, they're so pretty. Wow, I love purple! Wow, they're so beautiful!" and on and on. Parker was a zombie at ten and begged to go to bed. Emma went down less willingly, but still must have passed out soon after. They slept in, but were excited because they knew the parade was coming. After waiting at home, then we had to wait another 1.5 hours at our spots on the route. It's a necessity though, or you get a crappy spot or you end up having to walk forever. Emma wouldn't stop waving and everything again was "Wow" and "Hi firetruck. Hi horse. Wow, look at the candy, I love candy." Towards the end though her waver was tired and she just pointed to the candy that was thrown and wanted one of us to pick it up. P is never into the waving, but did like the candy. He had a minor meltdown during the parade, but then was refreshed and liked the rest of it. We skipped the rides this year since we were just at Adventureland. After helping Judi at the shop, while Daddy and Emma napped and P watched Popeye, we headed back home. (Poor E's blister popped on the way home. I think P may have bumped it. She said owe a few times and then held a wet wipe and that seemed to have fixed everything. ) They were a bit confused though because they couldn't understand why we didn't go to Grandma Beymer's house. We said don't worry, you'll get plenty of time next week! T minus 7 days and counting till vacation, but I'll say 5 because I'm just ready for the weekend. Dreading work tomorrow as I'm doing new stuff now (well and still doing a bunch of my old stuff) and I'm still don't 100 percent know what I'm doing yet on my new stuff. It's month end stuff, so hopefully won't have to stay too late tomorrow night as P has hit last TBall game tomorrow night.

Oops ended up being long anyway.

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