Saturday, July 02, 2005


Daddy (who claims to be less of a pushover, or as Parker calls him a shovenpush), when Parker asked to go to Sonic this afternoon, he said yes. I'm glad we got to somewhere today as I was going stir crazy since he didn't want to go back for the 4th until tomorrow. I mean I could have cleaned, packed, etc, but what's the fun in that? At Sonic you can't eat inside, so we sat at one of the outside tables. The kids seemed to enjoy it. There was music to dance to and popcorn chicken to eat (Emma called it pop pop pop chicken). He kept asking to go in, but I have a feeling he thought that is where the Sonic video games were! Then of course he had to go potty, so we headed to the mall to shop. Parker has been needing some short sleeve shirts (Emma has a ton and poor P alot are too small anymore) and also some summer pj's. Some had become belly shirts. Did get some cute shirts for $3-$4 (of course had to get some that were red) and also splurged and got him a red spiderman shirt for $6. Also got him pj's, but you can never seem to find those cheap anywhere. Even on clearance, still $8-$10. He got some Spidman, Sponge Bob and some cheapy with space stuff on them. Poor E wasn't going to get a thing for once, but then she spied some My Little Pony undies, so Mom was a shovenpush and let her get them. Caught up on the laundry finally (ok last load is in the dryer), so I'll be running around packing in the morning as usual. Should hit the Hansens around noon and help put the final touches on for the big Fireworks BBQ tomorrow night. The blue matching shirts are packed already!!

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