Sunday, August 07, 2005

I'm Alive!

Everyone that I got hooked on blogging has been giving me a hard time that I have not updated for awhile... oops I guess it has been a couple of weeks! I can't remember what I did a couple of days ago, so sorry probably won't be catching up everything up! I guess I'll just start fresh with this weekend or so.... I'm such a procrastinator it isn't even funny!

Friday night we took the kids to the Balloon Festival in town. I think around 100 hot air balloons come to town for a week every year. We knew Emma would love the balloons (they've never really been P's thing), so we spent the money and paid to get in instead of parking a couple miles away and watching. We got there plenty early and the kids did pretty well. There were a bunch of those huge bounce tent things and the kids didn't even ask to go in them. There were some shaped balloons, like penguins, a tree, a wine bottle etc and the kids really liked those. The balloons then race and try to drop something on an x. Since balloons don't move the fastest the kids (along with all the other ones there) got bored towards the end. We saw a few in the sky tonight too and Emma got excited again.

Saturday morning P had zoo class and for the most part seemed to like it. He touched a Madagascar cockroach, a milk snake, a tenrick and a millipede. The kids then got to feed the giraffe a cracker. I think I was more excited about that than he was though. The giraffes have super long tongues. The feeding would have made a cute picture, but of course no camera! Emma ran some errands with Daddy and then Roni and John stopped for a bit in the afternoon.

Church this morning.... the kids are getting better and better at it, whew! Both were pretty quiet, a bit wiggly, but there were other kids screaming and they weren't mine! They love going up for the children's sermons, it's so cute. A month from now Sunday School starts and I know E will be belting out the tunes. Next Sunday is Wells Fargo Day at the State Fair and we're planning to take the kiddies this year. We didn't the last couple years as it's hard enough to get around with two adults and then add two toddlers and last year we wanted to see the concert. LeeAnn Womack is our concert this year so we are skipping it and so we can spend plenty of time in the animal barns with the kids. Gotta of course see the Big Boar.

The kids swam for a bit today and then we all (including the kids), shucked sweet corn. Emma did a pretty darn good job (minus getting the silk off or hairs as she calls them). We froze some on ears and some cut off the cob. Around suppertime we headed to Aquabhi for a picnic. Not many people there even on a gorgeous day, so we found a place in the shade and the kids played on the playground equipment and made some new friends. Of course Emma was sad when we left. After baths and a rigourous 4 player game of "Emma's dollhouse" off to bed they went.

Currently we are doing the "do we get a dog" debate. I guess we have the boy, the girl and the cat, so we need a dog to round it out. There is the cutest pair of about 1 year old collie/lab mixes in the paper at the no kill shelter, but I'm sure we'll just end up with one, but I won't split them up, so probably will get a different one. First Steve needs to build a doghouse, put in some kind of invisible fencing and get leashes food etc. We want a mid-sized model that's an outdoor dog (that maybe I can sneak in occasionally). A couple others in the paper looked good except they didn't like felines and preferred older kids!

Promise I'll keep up on this blog thing better. The kids did a ton of cute stuff the last couple weeks but can't remember. They did spend the last week in July at Grandma and Granpa Hansen's house with Cuz Laura, so it was great to be kick back and fancy free for a few days!


Gma Beymer said...

Can't wait for you guys to finally be like real American families and get a dog for those poor kids. Get a medium-smaller type dog because it will need to be in the house part (okay most) of the time!

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