Thursday, June 30, 2005

Donuts for Dessert

Steve made chicken breasts and creamed potatoes and peas tonight. Since they love chicken and potatoes in nuggest and mashed form, we said they could eat this tonight. Of course both acted like it was the plague. Emma the chipmunk stored a couple pieces in her cheek after daddy put some of it in her mouth. She did eat one pea also, but then made a face since they were fresh from the garden instead of canned. She did not get dessert as she was not a good girl at the table. Parker first acted really sad and didn't want to eat any of it, especially the peas. He eventually did agree to try one bite of chicken and we said that if he ate his chicken and potatoes, then he could have dessert. He asked for donuts. Steve shot me a look like, "We don't have donuts???" I wasn't worried. P ate all of his food and was very proud of himself for trying something different. I then proceeded to give him the dessert he wanted....a donut! It's actually half a bagel, that's what the kids call a donut. He was very excited and wolfed in down. So in the end, he didn't have a dessert anyway. Sneaky mom!

Not so humid here tonight. The kids played outside for quite awhile after we came home. They played long enough to get a bunch of sand in their hair!

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