Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Day Out With Thomas

The day was finally here.... Thomas! After a smooth morning (the kids sat quietly at church and Sunday School and both of them were belting out the tunes during music time) we headed to Boone. Stopped at KFC for lunch, the kids ate popcorn chicken and potato wedges. P wouldn't used to eat any kind of potato wedge but he wolfed them down. He's trying more and more things, I think Pre-K is helping him, both of them ate chicken enchiladas the other night. Steve said all he did yesterday was eat. Pancakes, waffles, cereal, lunch, dinner etc. Back to Thomas.... I was a bit worried that E was going to be so excited that she would cry and practically hyperventilate. She was very excited, but no tears. And no tears when we had to get off the train either. That was the other thing we worried about, she just said Bye Thomas! We did the train ride first. There was probably 8-12 cars packed with parents and kids. For the number of kids it was remarkably calm. Both kids were waving at everyone while we drove around. E was even waving at corn. You ride for 25 minutes and then Thomas sits for a half hour for a photo op (but of course you'd have to pay for the picture, so we skipped that). We then did all the activities - there was face painting, music, maze, bounce house and slide, petting zoo, storytelling, a bunch of toy trains set up - the kids would have done that all day but we were mean parents and kept moving them along, and then finally hit the merchandise tent. The merchandise tent was really the only crowded place. I was suprised the other tents weren't chaos too. Most of the stuff there was stuff you could find at Target and cheaper, but I did want to get them something, so they got Thomas shirts. We told Emma she was getting a shirt and she started stripping down right there. After paying for it, she wore it with her pink skirt on the walk to the car and then P wanted his on too. I'm washing them as I type, so they can wear them tomorrow. P really wanted to leave his Thomas on his cheek, but since he's going to school, I thought it best to scrub it off. We spent an hour or so going thru the tents (our ride was at 1) and then headed home. I zonked off and on and of course the kids were wide awake the whole ride home and then played hard the rest of the night. How do they do it?? On the way up they kept threatening to give each other dots (see the post about the ladybugs at Pre-K). It was so cute.

Yesterday I Cropped for the Cure with Marnie and some others from Indianola. I primarily talked, but did get a couple things done. I bought a bunch of stuff (most was garage sale stuff so I got a ton of stuff super cheap), but hey it's for a good cause! I wish I could have bid on some of the silent auction stuff, but no extra funds right now and the stuff went pretty high. It sounds like dad and the kids were busy while I was gone. They went to Menards like I predicted and we now have an electric fireplace. They also did a bunch of stuff outside and in. He is way more hands off with them than me, so he's probably back to being the favorite parent again!

I'll post a few pics from today. I'm running out of steam (no pun intended) so signing off for the night.

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Uncle Brad said...

WHOA! Thomas, Parker and Emma!!! That looks like a blast!!!