Thursday, September 08, 2005

Head of the Class

Tonight Emma had her first Parks and Rec class (craft/story/music). She was soooo excited. She even let Daddy put pigtails in her hair. I got there early to pick her up so was trying to peek in at her. They had pudding as a snack and she had a huge chocolate moustache. They then were playing a hide and seek type game and she looked like she was having the best time. It didn't look like she was being loud and was paying attention. She also finger painted a picture. P told Dad that he fun today. He showed him his music room. He has been singing Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See (there are a zillion verses) over and over the last two night with a big grin on his face the whole time. He somehow keeps all the verses straight and really annunciates.

Last night was busy. We ran home after work and then I had to lead and play for the Middle School choir (Steve was in Johnston for work). I picked them up $1.59 Happy Meals as a treat so they wolfed that down during practice. I then had to do a few things in my Sunday School room so they played in there and then were having such a good time they didn't want to go home. Finally got them home and then E had a shower (she loves when the water hits her in the face) and P had a bath (singing Brown Bear the whole time). E had two stinkies yesterday.... errr....

Then on Tuesday night Steve and I went to P's Open House at Pre-k (preschoo). The teacher is great. She is one of those really perky people, so it was a bit exhausting talking to her, but you can tell she loves what she is doing. She said the first few days he was pretty quiet, but he's already coming out of his shell. Of course he's not napping... big shocker! She said he's doing ok at lunch. Of course not eating the stuff he doesn't like, but she said they try to at least have them try a bite. He had done a self portrait (Big red squiggles) and a picture of his favorite thing he likes to do (Big blue squiggles) and he said it was playing the computer.... big shocker! He has brought home a couple papers though where he used multiple colors and didn't do squiggles! We were also excited that Scott and Judy 2 were able to come for a visit. The kids loved seeing Uncle Scott and Aunt "Julia" and showing them how to play computers.

P has soccer Saturday morning and E has zoo class. I'm then going to Marnie's baby shower in the afternoon. Sunday of course is the bday party in the afternoon and then in the morning Steve is singing in choir and then at both services playing in the church band. I'm teaching Sunday School and the Mom's group is having a bake sale I need to make a bunch of stuff for and work at. Tomorrow night I'm heading to Marnie's with some others and we are making a memorial scrapbook about a friend of ours that died in college to give to her family. Steve is taking the kids to the Machine Shed to see Brad at around 8... it could be very interesting since P is usually asleep by then, glad I'll be missing that!

Also found out I need to get P some gym shoes asap, so adding that to the to-do list on Saturday. Have ordered the cake and bought all the food, plates etc this week, so about ready, whew!

Steve and I might be going to a Chiefs game for New Years Day, can't wait!


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Veronica said...

New Years Day! I may be having a baby that day. You better not miss it. Steph is already leaving me to go to Arkansas. LOL!