Saturday, September 03, 2005

Knappacks and Bandelions

Just the usual the last couple of days around here. Glad that we don't have anything planned this weekend as starting Tuesday we are swamped thru next Sunday. I need to start getting organized for this party. Found some cute girlie hats and tooters for the party to go with the Thomas cake (which I have yet to order). Picked up some new computer games free with rebate tonight at Menards so that'll give the kids something new to do tomorrow. Emma has figured out how to run the mouse, so I guess she's taking after her brother. Parker seems to really be liking school, although he doesn't always say much about it. We got some cute notes from the teacher yesterday about what they are doing (can't wait to meet her she sounds great). They had picture day Friday and Parker said he didn't smile. The kids each get sharing day once a week and his day is Wednesday. You bring something that goes with the theme of learning that week. They are covering colors and shapes (I'm hoping he's not bored with and so I'm racking my brain to think of something to bring. I'm thinking maybe his soccer ball. It's round and is black and white. Emma has been staying dry at Lauri's, big girl! We went to Sonic tonight for supper (the kids love it there for some reason) and then hit Menards and had to pick up some gifts at Target. Then was mad at myself because I forgot to tape Big Brother...errr....

Tomorrow it's church and then not much else happening. With $3 gas (although was $2.79 at WM in Indianola) we're staying put unless Steve's work truck decides it needs to take us somewhere!

Knappacks = Knapsacks according to Parker
Bandelions = Dandelions according to Emma

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