Friday, September 16, 2005

You've Got the Cutest Little Happy Face

Parker's progress report for the week showed 4 out of 5 smiley faces. Yeah! Of course we'd like 5, but I think once he gets more used to things he'll have a perfect. Her newsletter today said that each day they get a smiley face if they didn't have any dots on their ladybugs. Each kid has a lady bug and 1 dot means warning, 2 dots 5 minutes from recess, 3 dots no 2nd recess and 4 dots principal's office with parents. I think he had gotten a dot last week because he was all excited when he didn't have any dots again and he said, "I'm being good now". When they get at least 3 dots for the week they get to pick out something from the prize bucket on Friday. He said he picked out a candy today. He also told me that in the morning he said, "Hi Miss Jandrey", that Jessica wasn't there today and that Darren was still the leader.

Emma also did great today, including a poop on the potty. "Mom I pooped and it's brown." To which Parker says, "My poop is always green." Sorry if that's digusting!! She rode around on the little 4 wheeler tonight and manage to totally tip the thing backwards. Of course she jumped right up. She also managed to scrape her knee when they left Lauri's today. She was just healed up for the last one! Emma was so excited tonight because she could see the moon from her bed. She has quite a fascination with the moon and sun.

Daddy has an exciting Saturday ahead of him with the kids. It involved pancakes, soccer and it wouldn't suprise me if a trip to Menards wasn't in there somewhere. Well I'd better finish cleaning (Toys R Us exploded again in here) and then had better pack for the crop tomorrow. Of course I'm doing everything last minute!


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