Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pizza Pizza Pizza!!

Poor E, she entertained herself a good portion of the afternoon while P and I battled that da** Montsers Inc. game. It's so addicting. He can play quite a bit of it, then I do the hard jumps and some other parts. It's for 8 and up and I'm having a hard time winning!! There are a zillion levels we have barely even started...sigh..He says "Mom just try harder." But don't worry he did get a lot of outside time too!

Emma is really getting into coloring and she also spent quite a bit of time with Daddy today. We did play some puter games together as well and since she has totally mastered the mouse (apparently you do all kinds of new stuff once you know you're turning three or getting big as she calls it). We are going to have set up two computers or figure out some kind of sharing system... lol. I was supposed to be cleaning this afternoon, but got sucked in by Mike and Sully.
Mental note : Give E some extra time this week! Guess that's the second child thing. P is more needy and E is more independent.

They wolfed down pizza tonight for supper. Both have been oinkers lately, so maybe going thru a growth spurt. They ate out at their picnic table tonight and it's so cute to watch them talk to each other. No picture :-(

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