Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Does the Dog Have Thumbs??

Bosco is either really smart or probably more than likely just really determined. After chewing thru his nylon collar and getting him a leather type-one, we have been putting him on the tie out again in the yard when we're home or not gone for very long. Now instead of chewing thru his collar, he just keeps unhooking the leash thing from the collar and poor Roger (our neighbor) has returned him twice. Bosco seems to have some obsession with Creighton. I don't know if it's a lab bond or maybe love, but since Creighton doesn't get mad at him, that's where he goes. The other neighbor's St. Bernard (a girl) snapped at him and now he keeps his distance. His hearing also seems to go when he's over there. Although tonight when we looked and he was gone, I went out and saw Roger and Creighton out in the yard and guess who was following along behind with his chewy and when he saw me he came running he was so excited. I haven't been able to spend much time with him lately, since we've hardly been home and then when wer are it's dark and I'm not about to let him out! Steve has now two attachment things put on the collar, so we'll see how this works out.

Last night we all got into a pretty good game of Thomas. We even turned off the lights and they took turn being the moon on Sodor Island. We got out the flashlight to be the moon so the trains could see in the dark. Of course then no one wanted to go to bed, but the meanies here finally made them go. Of course they were still wearing their Thomas shirts and I caved and said they could wear them to bed too. Then of course this morning E did not want to take it off. I said she could wear it again, but it'd have to be washed tonight. I Febreezed her, so she'd at least be a little fresh. Then she proceeded to pee all over at Lauri's and so ended up soaking the Thomas shirt anyway.

Tomorrow is P's costume day and sharing day, so I need to put a big sticky note on the door so we don't forget. He got another smiley today. We are noticing such a difference in him. He came home with paint on his shirt, so I think he even did a craft today. I just figured out what his task is for this week. He's in charge of the weather. I kept thinking he said he was in charge of the letter yesterday and I kept asking him what letter and he looked at me like I was stupid. He informed us it was sunny today.

Tonight I had Mom's group, so daddy was the lucky bath giver. Fortunately I think the shower thing was short lived, as they are really having a blast playing in the tub again. At least good to know in a pinch somewhere, they would still do a shower.

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Rachel said...

Febreeze to the rescue. That is really funny. I will do that next time Chase refuses to change his shirt. Please tell me how you played this Thomas game.