Monday, September 05, 2005

She's #1 in the #2 Business

We had #2 success from Emma today. She was so excited and shouting it at the top of her lungs. She then stayed dry during a long nap this afternoon. She also has suddenly figured out how to run the computer. The new Jay Jay game we got yesterday, she can play most of the games on there, clicking and dragging things around. I guess her and P are more alike than you think!

P and I spent quite a bit this afternoon trying to figure out the Monsters Inc. game. It has a zillion levels and is really fun. Daddy finally had to cut the two of us off.

Got E's cake ordered and got the last Thomas one they had stuff for...whew!! She said I am big now when ever anyone asks her how old she is.

Bosco got two new chewy toys and so far they are still in one piece. He and P had a blast with them tonight. He popped another ball, so we figured we'd better be getting him something else to play with.

Floss = Tooth ache in Emma speak.


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The Mom said...

"Go Emma, Go Emma, GO-GO-GO Emma". Can't wait for Sunday!