Monday, December 17, 2007

All Dressed Up With Places To Go!

Here is Emma in her new Christmas dress. You can't see in the picture, but it even comes with snowflake tights. (Of course the full shot of her is blurry. I'm the worst picture taker ever!) I know E thought she was pretty darn cute in it. Mom thinks so too! She's already giving daddy a heart attack when he thinks of her as a teenager....I didn't get any pics of P dressed up since they were at his Cub Scout Christmas party at the time. I also included pics from her Winter recital that was yesterday afternoon too. She's standing in the middle. I wish I could have gotten a close up pic of her in the antlers :-( But I had to get in there and jockey for a seat in the gym. The recital went well and so did the Christmas program at church. I'll see if Steve got any Cub Scout pics and if he did I'll post some another time. Parker was excited to have a day to veg and play his game boy today. Emma is learning about all the different holidays. Today it was Kwanza and Friday she came home with a dreidel made from a milk carton.
I ran to WM during P's TKD tonight and got a few more Christmas gifts crossed off my list. The freaks are really starting to come out in full force! Steve is going to KC until Thursday and has his first band gig Thursday night. Luckily this weekend we don't have a thing going on so we can finalize all the Christmas wrapping, buying, food making etc. I'm off on Weds and home with Parker so I'm planning to get Xmas cards done that day. I will post some outtakes from those another time.

Got a pleasant email surprise tonight. Something I had sent to Paper Crafts last May was also selected for the kids magazine that I'll have a headband in too. Now I just need to remember where I put it?

PSA: Do not make Peppermint cookies if it involves smashing candy canes. I was covered in chunks from head to toe last night. And in the end I didn't have enough for my cookie exchange and they were crumbling apart anyway, so I ended having to make even more cookies. The recipe was thrown away!

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