Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Bit Ripe....

Thankfully we had no expected visitors today since we smell and the house is trashed. Since it's a yucky day need to shower right? Steve left last night to go hunting and today we didn't have much on the agenda. P's Scout pack had swimming this afternoon, but I would have needed to take E and I don't think she'd been too happy to not be able to get in the pool. Plus it's more for the older kids since they can test for badge stuff. There were free movies in town, but it was getting sleety out by then and with my luck I'd get the van stuck in our drive again and he wouldn't be around to get me out this time. The kids will get a bath tonight and I'll have a shower in the morning so I promise we won't be smelly for Drake and Rylan's bday parties tomorrow!

I'm pretty sure that if family did not live in Iowa, I still wouldn't live here. It's been snowing this week and I hate it! I don't mind how pretty the snow looks, but then you have to drive in it and it's cold out. Thursday night P's last TKD class of the session was cancelled. Testing was today, but we didn't go since I don't think he's ready. Although he was showing me all these moves the other night and maybe he would have been after all? Last night I stopped at FW for food rations. The had hamburger for $1.59/ 20 lbs later we should be set on that for awhile. We were also out of milk, mac and cheese, hot dogs and pizza...the essentials in our diet when Steve is gone!

I haven't scrapped since the middle of November and there are a million calls coming up in the next 10 days that I'd like to make some stuff for. My room is once again trashed so then I dont even want to scrap, since I need to pick up first. I did get Oceans 13 on Netflix so maybe I could watch that while I clean. Plus next weekend is jampacked and I'll need to do things during the week to get ready for that. I'm sure I'll be making the 100 treat bags for the SS program at the last minute as usual....

Well that's about all. I need to remember to wrap the presents tonight unstead of waiting till the last minute in the morning. At least I finally bought some tape. The last 3 presents I wrapped involved a glue stick.

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