Thursday, December 20, 2007

Third Time Is NOT The Charm

Well...once again the same tire has gone flat today. 3 different times in less than 3 months. And 3 different holes in the tire...sigh... I actually stayed in a pretty good mood today and luckily it happened on the day that Steve is coming back from KC. None of the times has it happened on my way home and I've been stalled by the road so that's good. This time the tire went down fast. Steve came downtown and put on the spare so I could get home. He's playing tonight so I had to be able to get the kids picked up and P had TKD tonight.

While he was at TKD, E and I ran to WM so she could spend some bday money. I thought I'd seen every toy out there, but I guess not. She bought a Barbie that comes with a dog that poops. You even have a stick to pick it up with...eeeww..... You can also get a Barbie with a cat that poops so of course that's on her wish list now. She's so funny sometimes and such a thinker. Tonight as we were dropping P off she could see some of the guys in their robes. She said, "Mom - I know why they called it TaKwenDo. It's because they "tie" their belts." Tomorrow is her holiday party at school. They are making gingerbread houses and exchanging gifts from the sounds of it. They got their present from Lauri today and they were huge hits. Emma was squealing all the way home.

Where are all of these new Christmas toys going to go in our house? They are only beginning!

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