Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'll Admit it...I fly by the seat of pants sometimes....

Long story short, the Hansens are busy!

Last night I went to a girls game night with all the people from my department. Very fun. Played Apples to Apples (love that game) and played Mad Gab for the first time. That one is pretty funny. Especially after some of the people had a few drinks! I had to be good though since I had to drive home and had a ton to do today.

This morning there were haircuts, cooking and cleaning and then we had the final practice for the SS program tomorrow. Steve even has a part. No one every asks me to perform..wonder I helped to fill the 100 goodie bags for the kids and finished up stamping them this morning. In my defense though I got about 75 percent of them done earlier this week and so only had to hurry up to finish the last few. Robert, Judi and Brad then stopped by for supper and we also made a quick trip to winery near our house. Steve made all the food...yeah! I'm in the process of making my cookies for tomorrow. I am they aren't fancy!

Speaking of waiting till the last minute, I realized that I had the date wrong on a Paper Crafts call earlier this week and it expired that night, not next week. I quickly made a couple things and had one of them get picked up. It's for a Kids issue coming out in June. Also quickly made some things for another call due yesterday, but haven't heard back on those yet. Another call ends tonight so I might zip upstairs and crank out a card or two, we'll see.

Oops this blog has pretty much been about me lately. I need to get back to talking about the kidlets! Mainly the kids are just counting down the days till Christmas. P doesn't have school this week since year round gets an extra week off at xmas. E goes thru Friday.

Happy Holidays!

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