Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Boys Can Scrapbook Too!

Tonight was Parker's den meeting...this is of course after I remembered at the last minute and we rushed to get there. Christmas is severely sucking the few remaining smart cells I have left I swear. I did remember last week though that I needed to get pics printed for his scrapbook, so I did save face a little anyway. We were in such a hurry that Emma went exactly the way you see her in the picture. I am so embarassed! I probably should have taken an extra minute and changed her clothes, but she's such a dawdler it'd take 10 instead. They made a pinata today at school and she is covered in flour glue. Including her hair...so even if I'd changed her clothes her hair was trashed. She had just eaten some ice cream so she also had a messy face. Man I wish I still kept wet wipes in the van.... Luckily there were only a few parents there and I didn't know any of them.

Their craft for this time was a scrapbook about family, friends, pets, Scouts etc. He did a really good job and wrote some cute things without even being asked. He was excited because he said now he's getting older since he can do things that mommy does. Emma will be wanting to do one too I'm sure. She did really good at the meeting just coloring in her Pets book. No fits about the fact that she wasn't making a scrapbook. I also included a picture of the dreamcatcher he made at the last meeting.

Question of the Day: How can one 7 year old boy with no hips, butt, or an inch of fat on him eat a grilled cheese sandwhich, six fish sticks, a big granola bar, carrots, an ice cream cone and a piece of pizza and then come home from the meeting and say can I have some popcorn? He probably would have eaten more, but we had to leave for Scouts. One day he ate 15 fish sticks. In my defense though on that one...that was Steve's doings!

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