Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

As most of you know the big news around here this week is the ice. The kids didn't have school today and Daddy didn't have to go to work (lucky duck). I actually didn't think the roads were very bad this morning or the afternoon. I could have stayed home, but there was a lunch at work today I had already paid for and I didn't want to use up anymore more PTO. Very slushy though! Our gravel road was slippery but we don't have to travel very far on it. I left work a little early to beat the rush and the best news is we've never lost our electricity at home! Nothing worse than losing electricity with little kids around. They just can't grasp the concept...plus we all get bored fast! As I was getting ready today the deciding factor for me was if I'm able to dry my hair before the electricty went out I was going in. That'll probably be my deciding factor tomorrow too! Parker's school is already 2 hours late tomorrow and I'm sure E's won't be far behind.

Lots of stuff happening around here later this week...involves a lot of baking on my part!

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