Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back When the Dinosaurs Roamed....

Right now P and E are watching Rudolph that I DVR'd last night. When I was your age.... we had to wait all year to watch it once! And we couldn't forward thru the commercials. I do remember that around 4th grade we got a VCR which was pretty fancy for the time. Then we watched the same 3 things over and over. A pretty quiet week for the kids - just the usual TKD and baton. Steve has a lot going on in the evening so the kids love that it's "Fun time" when dad's gone. Weather permitting Steve is hunting this weekend. Last weekend he was supposed to go to the KC game, but couldn't because of the weather. Instead he battled the huge leak that happened in the walkway to the garage. Usually that kind of stuff waits to happen till after he leaves.

Sunday was busy with church and Sunday School, Christmas program practice and the Advent workshop in the afternoon. Each year at church they have a bunch of crafts for the kids and cookies to decorate. The kids are getting old enough, I actually wasn't the one making crafts this year. E is pretty creative and was stamping her cards way better than I can. Maybe I should have her start submitting? One craft involved button wreaths and Steph and I were drooling over all the buttons. I finally convinced Emma to make one and she picked pink and blue buttons...sweet!

It sounds like snow is coming. Hopefully not too much since I'm about out of PTO days! But if all goes well I'll probably take the kids to a movie Saturday. They have some free ones on the weekends here in December and I think it's Happy Feet this weekend. Sunday is Drake and Rylan's combo bday party.

One of these days I should try to finish up the Christmas shopping!

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